TEXT TOPIC: What did you recently learn?

Today I learned....

learned yesterday that elephants never get cancer. What?! Mind blown. So cool.

Tag stands for "touch and go"

my husband learned that Narwhals are actually real

that a banana is not considered a fruit, it's a berry!!!

I've been using can openers wrong. Works so much better in its side instead of up. Mind blown.

recently learned how to take the clear protective cap Off of deodorant. I have always struggled and took it off with my teeth, come to find out you twist the bottom and it pops right off

just learned what OBO means!

that I work in the same office as Kylie's mom!!

recently learned it's Tempe, AZ and not TempLe, AZ. *Face palm* Why did no one correct me until I was 30yrs old

Reason for Flowers for the bride. 15th century, people took their yearly baths in May and would generally get married in June. Just to be safe, brides carried bouquets to mask the smell of body odor.

the phrase piss poor comes from medieval times when people would sell their pee to make money to cure leather

learned that FES on that 70's show actually stands for foreign-exchange-student. We never learn his real name!

the arrow direction on the gas gauge 2 show what side the gas tank is on. Would’ve been good 2 know b4 renting 100s of cars.

I just learned that lightning bolts are only about an inch wide. I've gone most of my life believing they were much bigger.

the word "TIPS" means "to insure prompt service"

on a cream or ointment tube there's an opener on the screw cap to cut through the foil.

"Saved By The Bell" comes from back when they dug up graves to make room for new ones and would find scratch marks inside the coffin so they would assign someone to sleep by the grave with a bell tied to their toe and the body overnight to make sure they were dead.

Learned that my dad was actually 10 years older than I was ever told. Was 20 years older than my mom...guess they wanted to hide that.

my sister learned that DI doesn't stand for "donated items" it stands for Deseret industries

learned that hydrogen peroxide will get blood completely out of clothes. Told my 70 year old mom who didn't know it either

not everyone can smell cyanide, it’s a genetic trait!... be careful out there

potato chips cause more weight gain than any other food

S.H.I.T Containers were labeled Ship High In Transit for when they shipped things that needed to be above everything. Back in the day

found out that the 2 seams on the shoulders of a baby''s onesie are there if your kid has a blowout you dont have to remove it over their head and getin their hair and all over their body. Just take the kid out of it via the neck hole. What! My kids had so many unnecessary baths.

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