TEXT TOPIC: Is someone using you because of what you do?

Is someone using you because of what you do? 

I do shirt printing & only have certain ppl in my life pop in when they need something done. They think I can drop everything & do it now, quick & cheap. I’m popular when ppl need favors.

I’m a plumber, I go to church, and people get real friendly when they figure out what I do and expect $1300 worth of "service" for free because we go to church together

So I’m a nurse and I have a friend who only reaches out to me and says let’s go to lunch when she has a medical concern

work for the airlines. Every one wants a deal

I'm a pastry chef too and my fianc's friends think it's an invite for me to make everything for them for a "discount". Like stuff ain't free

massage therapist. I had a friend who would only contact me when she wanted a massage. At first she said we would trade, then she would get the massage and then tell me she couldn’t afford to pay me, and then just expected them to be free. Needless to say, we are not friends anymore.

turns out my bro for 2-3 years was only my bro because I own the company we work for... sad.

work in design, print and production. I can't tell you how many invites I have and printed. For free. Wedding invitations...those take a LOT of my time!

I work at a gun shop and have access to machine guns as well as silencers I have friends that think that they can just use me once a month to go shoot machine guns and I have not to pay for ammo

Tattoo artist. Everyone wants to be my FRIEND. Until i make it clear i never give discounts or trades. They become shady and are complete flakes

I'm a veterinary technician and I have many people in my life who ask for free nail trims or help treating a sick/injured pet.

my wife's a hairdresser aunt only calls when her kids need a haircut

I''m a new(ish) doctor. I''m certain I have friends just because of that. One text me after an argument saying "Miss you" right at the time her prescriptions were due for refills. Even our drunk ass neighbor called me his "best friend" when he figured out what I did for a living.

I'm a therapist, ppl reach out all the time when they're struggling and there are many I never hear from when things are going well. Free therapy.

I'm a mechanic. When I opened my own shop all my friends who used to come to me for free work go to jiffy lube out of convenience since I have to charge now

When i worked for Disney, EVERYONE wanted to be my friend. Free passes? NOPE.

I'm a make up artist. I have a friend that rarely comes over but when she does she just wants to shop my stash

I do ultrasounds and whenever someone I knew from high school gets pregnant we are all the sudden best friends

I work for an airline and people love those buddy passes

work in dogs and people are only friends with me because they want free training and hookups to breeders. It goes south when they realize I expect them to put in work, stop treating the dog like a human and care more where their dogs come from instead of going to parvo (puppy) barn

hubby is a cop and we have a friend that only comes around when he gets a ticket or in trouble with the law. He asks my hubby to help him out or call someone to take care of it..... so annoying cause hubby can''t do anything about it.

Pretty sure 2 of my "friends" only talk to me because I'm a photographer. They always ask for freebies, and invite me AND my camera to their parties. Boo.

I have worked as a paralegal in family law (divorce &custody) for 13+ yrs & I have "friends" & family that only contact me when they want me to get them free legal advice from the attorneys I work for.

I'm an Esthetician and people always want free stuff or discounted services

I'm a woodworker and I have friends that only talk to me when they have a project they want done. And always expect a "friend discount"

I hand paint and make crafts and decorate homes Everybody wants it for free

Massage therapist here. People think I'll give them a free or super discounted massage. My closest friends never assume that.

I "mom" for a living. I have 4 tiny "friends" always hitting me up for free food and rides! ;)

I'm a CPA and people ask me for tax help all the time.

I do extensions and everybody wants them done for free

photographer.. you can't imagine how many people ask for free pictures.

I'm a stay at home mom and get asked all the time for free daycare. I already have 4 kids

I'm a lawyer whenever friends get in trouble thy expect legal advice

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