TEXT TOPIC: Did you have a dream that made you get mad at your spouse?

Did you have a dream that made you get mad at your spouse? 

I’m 6 months pregnant- have dreams ALL THE TIME that my husband does things like call me fat, say baby is ugly, etc. He’s an angel and never would but i wake up so mad!

my "friend" had a dream that her boyfriend was cheating on her with me. She confronted me about it and said that Jesus told her that I was doing it in real

had a dream hubs was in our home putting up Halloween decor with a "friend" of mine who thinks he's attractive. I was so pissed!

had a dream two nights ago that my husband was having an affair. It's not true but I was mad at him all day.

my fianc told me he had a dream about a woman at one of our job sites, she was wearing YOGA PANTS (his favorite) she kissed him and pushed him down trying to have him do certain acts to her... needless to say every time I saw her after that I was so angry and her and him!!!! Even though it was just a dream

while I was prego I had a dream that my husband cheated on me cause I was prego I woke up and slapped him do hard and started to ball!

my wife has dreams all the time that she's trying to call me or get hold of you and and she'll wake up mad at me in the morning

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