TEXT TOPIC: Who's the person in the family that makes everything about them

my aunt. You say you’re getting a cold, she always says "OH YEAH? WELL IM ALWAYS SICK AND IN GONNA DIE IN TWENTY MINUTES. PRETTY SURE I HAVE CANCER" which isn’t the case

I think my whole family is a me monster! So conversations are entertaining.

My sis in law is the worst. So many to name. When I was pregnant she called and left me a lengthy VM about how I shouldn’t tell anyone Incase I miscarried because she went through it three times and it was SO hard for her... never said congrats

My sister. Its ridiculous. We have to do all family functions around her and her families schedule. Doesn’t seem to matter there’s others! Nickname is MARSHA MARSHA MARSHA!

My grandma is very self focused. I’ve been at the hospital with my grandpa and she goes on about that one time she was sick. She also always talks about how well her hip surgery went if anyone else has any surgery struggles. It’s terrible but we all make fun of her.

my mother and sister make everything about them. My little sister has MS and apparently she’s the only one in the world that does. My mom gets offended when I visit my dad more often than her but its because she’s too much drama. Everyone is always against her.

it is my sister always making a scene, even when MY husband died it was ALL about her.

my mother in law my husband can be talking about his feelings which is hard 4 him to do& she doesn't even listen she just goes into how she feels

I'm working on this. I don't make the conversation about me (my life is not exciting) but I tend to interject if I have a similar story

my sister is that person. No matter what I talk about in my life she always turns it around about her. She’s always has had the experience or changes the subject to something going on in her life. We just had a house fire and I did what the insurance company said to do but according to her I didn’t need to do that because ya know she has been through a house fire before. Uggh makes it difficult to have a conversation.

my freaking mother-in-law! Doesn't matter what you're talking about she always turns it around to her crappy childhood! Blah blah blah!

when it comes to conversations, it’s me! I like to talk about myself and feel like I can always relate to people. I’m aware and working so hard on holding back and asking questions about that person instead.

my mother-in-law... oh your friend died! My childhood sucked! Oh your house burnt down!? My childhood sucked

My aunt. So bad when my cousin, he daughter, was being diagnosed with MS. She made scenes with the doctors and everything had to be about her. It was sooo ridiculous!!! And it’s all the time.

my mom is the worst about this. Doesn’t matter if someone’s going through something good or bad, my mom manipulates it to make it about her. Usually it’s a big pity party, my dad was just hospitalized and my mom started moaning about stuff from her childhood and how this stuff happens to her.

Brother in-law always about him and his BS LDS stance always brings it up when your talking about religion!

my 80ish mom anyone who ever mentions an injury or something wrong. She'll always 1 up you & she's very healthy cept little arthritis. Then the drama

oh my gosh this is my father in law to a T. If it's not all about him, it's about his new wife. Im sick of him interrupting me to talk about himself.

My friend's wife was just diagnosed cancer and her mom Made it all about her and I shall where she's going to go when she dies

My Mom. It's always about my mom. Even on the day of my wedding. She got engaged a couple days before and made my reception all about her engagement.

my mom is a me monster AND a one upper... every comment made in her presence she's got something about her in the same topic or better. Ugh!

bff is a me monster, she always 1 ups someone, "I have bad allergies" she says "oh yeah me TOO. Like so bad.." even tho u know she doesn't

My sister in law is a me monster, anytime I ever talk to her it always ends up in us talking about her and she has absolutely nothing going on for herself!

My mom and aunt are all about the me monster. Everything I tell them ends up being about them. NO MATTER WHAT!

I was the Me Monster years ago, until my friend called me out on it and I had to work hard on it.

it's my aunt. When I told her I got engaged, she flipped the WHHHOOOOLLLLEEE conversation about her engagement and how it was more special than mine! WTH!

My Sister!!! My mom is very sick in the hospital and she said "she better not die because I can not handle that right now." This is just one thing.

it's me... I am horrible lol

My mother in law. She has what everyone has but worse. Your having a knee surgery, well I''m having 2 knee surgeries they may operate on my arm too. My eyes turn into slots when she talks. I have leave the room or my eyes get stuck!!

MOTHER IN LAW. UGH. Her health, her emotions, her everything. She even made it about herself when I had my son in January. She posted about him on fb before we even were able to tell all our family and friends. This isn’t the first time she’s done that. She posted a cryptic crybaby post after my hubby asked her to remove it.

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