TEXT TOPIC: Are you in a bad partnership with a friend or family member?

Are you in a bad partnership with a friend or family member in regards to a boat or vacation property? 

my husband bought a boat with his cousin. We all used it a few times. Come to find out they sold the boat and never told us... I asked where is the boat and they both had a guilty face. They didn’t give us have of what it sold for. Hard Lesson learned

I was buying a car from my family's best friend. I paid on time every time well 2 years into the agreement she took the car back. Now looking for a car.

friends were talking about how fun it would be to go in on a cabin together. I said Am I the only one who thinks it's a terrible idea?? Crazy people!

my X & I own a multi-million $ property together. He doesn’t know I’m going to get out of it. It’s tricky. I don’t want it to hurt the kids. He & I finally gotten to a good place!!

this is the 6 year I've been partnered with a friend on a houseboat. I've only been able to drive the boat 2 yrs cuz it's always broken engine wise.

Went into $20,000 real estate education deal with brother in law. I’ve paid my half to him directly so he can catch up on bills. He hasn’t paid the acct under him so I’m unable to use the education until he catches up on it...doesn’t look like he’ll be able to due to addiction. I’m screwed.

father in law bought two cabins with his wife. He fixed them up and poured so much money into them. Now they're divorced and she owns both of them

my husband and his friend went in on a water ski. His friend used it every weekend, my husband never got to use it.

BIL wants to buy a side by side for extended family use, he is the only one with a truck to transport it.

Went in on a ford raptor with a buddy. He totaled it the first week we had it. I never got to drive it.

my dad secretly put me on his company owner. He told me I was signing to get some money that was coming in soon. He then stopped paying taxes and messing up the money. He closed the doors and the IRS came after me for back taxes. I had no idea what was going on

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