TEXT TOPIC: Who's the person who borrows stuff and doesn't give it back?

Who's the person who borrows stuff and doesn't give it back? Are you that person? 

neck pillow for flight asked for it back said "but I use it when I drive" still not returned

Leant out my shovel and rake to my neighbor last year around this time. Saw it in their garage and was going to just take them back, but their name is on them now! !!

I'm that dude. I just forget. Sometime to the point were it is mine. #imsorry,sosorry #unintentionalgifts #dave&chainsaw #bye

let my friend borrow my Friends DVDs seasons 1 & 2. This was years ago so I guess they are hers!

Let my brother "borrow" my spare car last Oct, my main car is in the shop now w/ a major fix... I still pay insurance on it & he’s never offered up a penny.

let a friend borrow 2 dvds over 6 months ago and asked for them back a few times, come to find out they let a family member borrow them and lost them. Which I figured they lost them.

Loan a really cool purse to a childhood friend 35 years ago...Never got it back!

borrowed my late fathers wedding ring for my wedding last year from my brother and he hasn’t asked for it back. It means so much to me and I kind of hope he never asks for it back

A Gameboy. I've borrowed it since Elementary school. I'm now 32 years old.

borrowed coyote ugly from a friend 8 years ago... forgot to give it back

someone borrowed my wife 6 years ago. They kept het, so its ok

gave my friend some gorgeous prayer beads from Nepal before she went to treatment for an eating disorder as a way to say I''ll be with you while youget better. She refused to give them back even after I borrowed her hundreds of dollars to get her on her feet

all of my cheating ex's belongings. 4 years worth.

lent my buddy a gun for his wife's deer hunt a year ago. Still haven't got it back

Gave all my dresses to my friend she asked to borrow one gave her all so she could try them on... that was 2+ years ago... I guess I need a whole newwardrobe

borrowed my neighbors shark steamer & think all the time I need to give it back. I have since moved 3x since. Its been 10 yrs! I still have it.

my neighbor borrows my Tupperware that still has a matching lid, when she returns it it never has the lid. Makes me want to rage!

my neighbor still has my big crowbar that I lent him a year ago. I returned his boat when he let me borrow it, gall.

Husband "loaned" his signature for a car for his best friend and never got money for it. If you''ve ever screwed over your best friend I suggest making it right!!

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