TEXT TOPIC: What is your passive aggressive text?

To my Hubby.... when you ask me what I want to eat and I tell you. You always change it as we are on our way to where you want to go.... THEN DONT ASK ME!

Sister-in-law, you’re the worst gift giver. My family and I would rather get nothing than crap from your pantry or garage, re-gifts or gag gifts! Grow up and put some think about other people!

Stop leaving your young kids alone in our apt, esp without asking us! Our apt is not an extension of your office!

how can you say you’re sober and in the program yet you haven''t even attempted to make amends to me for the rent money you stole after not letting me move in, or about the cash I borrowed you for your car payment and hospital copay? You were my house manager at my rehab, how could you not think to make amends to me?

I'm already doing your job for you, don't get upset with me because YOU didn't read the updates I sent you regarding YOUR loans

go ahead, keep making your passive aggressive comments. It really turns me on. You will for sure get lucky. NOT!

to all high school students. Stop being in a rush to get to school. You almost hit 3 people this morning trying to push through a 4 way stop.

stop in forcing my family to do everything the way your family does it we love the way OUR family does it-marry into the family not change it to yours duh!

Dear marriage therapist, I don't care about you and your husband. I'm paying you to listen, get your own therapist.

Do you realize you will be in contempt of court by bashing your ex and exes family on social media?

maybe if you didn't come to work stoned you would have been able to keep your cool, and keep your job.

OK negative Nancy put your big girl panties on and get over it

Just because you've gotten your kids twice within 2 years doesn't make you a father!

Soo.. you keep using FB to portray a fake life and who you wish you were, you still are using MY son to replace your four kids you abandoned for drugs, and then act like you''re a happy couple, you''re so fake!

When are you moving out of your ex inlaws house? No one in the house likes you there.

She's getting married. Be happy for her, quit being so jealous. You aren't married because you are rude and picky. I am proud of her for gettingg married.

to my boyfriends mom, you're crazy. I don't appreciate the way you talk crap on my mother because of drama you guys have had in the past. Grow up.

Shut up! No one cares about your stories. There is no way you have a story for every single situation there is.


dear sister if you can go to Japan twice in one year but not go in $10 on a birthday gift for our mom you're a selfish B.

requesting drug testing on an absent parent isn't being spiteful. It's called piece of mind and worth every penny.

All the office hygiene talks are about you! Get off your phone and wash your damn hands after you use the restroom!

The HOV Lane is NOT the fast lane. If I''m in the HOV lane going 5 over, & you start riding my bumper & flashing your lights at me, I''m going to slow down to 10 under. Ass holes.

It's nice to know that people are still terrible in this world. I appreciate you stealing my car. You've really restored my faith in humanity.

use the correct option on the "IVR". NO technical support can not help you with your bill. If you want quick help be smart, it just takes longer by pressing any option.

Stupid brother keeping the entire inHeritance.... I hope you have to Tithing on that shiz

no I'm not sorry for breaking off your side mirror. I ride a motorcycle get off your effing phone and watch what is happening around you.

I'm tired of being your work pet who does all the dirty work. Find someone else to do it because I'll be gone soon!!! #done #girlbye

quit being a punk and text back when I ask you a question. I deserve a response..

I love how family comes out of nowhere to "help" when an elder with valuable property is dying. Funny, where have you been the last 20+yrs? Certainty not giving a damn

To the lady who said nutella sandwiches aren't a thing. Why don't you shut your pie hole you don't know our situation

I drive Bacchus highway to work it is one lane 60 miles an hour. Even when I go 70 I have a line of people riding my ass. I’m not in your hurry, slow the heck down.

You know you work in an office of favoritism when coworkers literally cry when another coworker moves across the hall to a different department. Get over it f*** they are just across the hall!!!

Hey mom, the world does not revolve around your daughter. There are 25 other kids in the class I am responsible to teach and care for. Your anger makes me want to help your daughter less- not more.

It sucks that you''re an A-hole whether you''re drunk or not. We are adults, why would you make someone feel like they don''t fit in for not drinking at a party. This isn''t high school anymore.

Dear MIL your son is not a saint I'm not as selfish as he Portrays me to be

You're the laziest person I've ever met... Grow up, stop paying your roommate to cook for you. Oh and get a drivers license ya mooch!

this is to every driver... Learn how to park your car in between the lines that are provided to you... or go back to driving school. I''m more than happy parking my truck 2 inches from your door so you can''t get in from your driver''s side door haha.

hey neighbor why is it no one can touch your lawn but your kids can run the neighborhood and be in everyone else's yard. I don't even have kids their age.

If you're depressed, follow your Dr and counselor's advice & take your meds. Stop being a beast to your family & friends. We're over it.

Stop eating at your desk EVERY day!!!! You’re not that important to the company that you cant leave your desk for at least 30 minutes and spare your office mates the chomping!!! Gaaaaaaaah

Your room stinks and you need to get your shiz together and move out. Your over 50 yrs old and a drunk and taking advantage of your friend and me. Grow up and get sober!

it must be nice to just worry about yourself in the mornings, husband. Don’t you worry about me getting myself and our 3 kids ready for work and school. I’m a pro. Asshat.

stop letting your 14 year old daughter read your argumentative text messages between you and her father! It''s only hurting her and making you an awful parent! She''s too young to be in it. Stop being her friend and try being her parent.

get your prescription drug use under control or you will lose all of your employees. We''re tired of wondering what boss we''ll get that day - overlyhappy or explosive. Pull it together, you''re the owner.

Fellow coworkers: WHY must you always talk football with me only when my team looses!! I don''t need you to apologize when my team looses, in fact I don''t bring it up at all! And another note, I don''t want to talk BYU football ever!! Please don''t drag me into it!! When I walk away, take a hint and shut up!!

Dear baby ice chewer. I have told you several times how I cant stand ice crunching. How I go nuts. So what makes you think you can stand at my desk and chew ice while talking nice to me? Please crunch on your in private. Sincerely someone who wants to strangle you when I hear that crunch!!

Pretty jacked up you had to steal money from your own nephew. Don''t think I don''t know. Hope it was worth giving up respect in the eyes of others bcuz that''s what you''ve lost. If you wanted ppl to feel sorry for you, you accomplished that. I pity you.

Do ur OWN job and NOT mine! Ur creating problems cuz u don't know what you're doing!

to my ex I can't believe you took my wedding rings and gave them to your girlfriend. I hope you enjoy looking at the 20 years of marriage on her finger!

I love talking to you on the phone Mom, but I don''t call you to talk about Dad, and why you hate him. It makes me not wanna pick up the phone and talk to you.

just want to say thanks dad. I am struggling and need to be accountable to someone to fight the battle. I love you

To my loving bfs crazy "baby mamma" - I have been nothing but overly nice to you quit finding stupid little tiny things to make a huge deal out of and let us live our life without you in it it''s bad enough that you took a year to move out of the house now that you''re gone stay out of our relationship

Over 5 years working together and YOU'RE so passive aggressive I find out that you quit by you unfriending me on Facebook?! Bye, "friend," have a nice life

To my boss. I was in a serious car wreck and I am still recovering from it. Please don't tell me to get over it like it did not happen.

Actually I can talk about my ex on social media. Court order doesn't allow it in front of the child. My toddler isn't reading my facebook sweety.

don't be a cheap ass. Her a hotel for the 3 of you instead of cramming in your daughter's place that you NEVER took care of

To the douche w/the big truck..I use my keys to carve a tiny check mark into your shiny paint job when YOU park so close I can''t get in my car. Picka reasonable parking spot considering you''re driving a bus.

it's called a passing lane, not fast lane, meaning you're supposed to pass people. If you don't, you're actually breaking the law.

In response to the inheritance text. Maybe you shouldn''t have blown through your share of it jerk face. It''s called saving it for an emergency and you bet I pay tithing on it!

hey moron you get up to speed to merge I don't stop for you

no one cares if u are constantly sick & u dont need to tell the group every day why u aren''t coming to work. Why dont u have compassion for others if they have a serious illness dont talk about yourself!!

quit inviting us to your child''s tackle team fundraiser nights. It''s been 3 in 2 weeks. We don''t eat out as much as you and we know you can''t afford it either. We know bill collectors call the office for you!

you have 16 grandchildren and all you do is talk about one of them to the point where it gets so annoying that we're all sick and tired of hearing about

you are a Facebook grandma. You post how much you love the kids so you look good but really know nothing about any of your grandkids and spend no time at all with them.

you are a drug addict, and just because you passed one test, doesn''t mean you''re clean. And.. my nephew shouldn''t have to be forced to kiss you all the time, for your FB pictures.. Gross!!

Hey Insurance Company it sucks that I have to be very sick but on top of it you make me do a run around to get my prescriptions covered you can go f yourself

Bro I'm 24 and you are almost 7 years older than me. We're about to graduate and you're still needing me to hold your hand. I need space!

your daughter will continue to be bitchy unless you stop her behavior. Stop making excuses for her and man up. You're the parent.

keep it up and I'll tell your wife you've been hooking up with other guys!!

just because go to that church does not give you the right to use the church dumpster as your personal landfill

hope you enjoyed taking a sub par client to Wisconsin this weekend to wine and dine while we are buying office supply''s with our own money. Douchebag!!!!

It''s not the person that owns house job to babysit your kids when you are a guest. Watch your kids when you''re a guest This includes stopping yourkids from going through things at the house

STOP complaining about your "Gross" catered FREE lunches you get everyday at work when YOU KNOW I am on a 2 wk liquid diet in prep for surgery! I AM HUNGRY

I''m so pissed off by my manager. She takes advantage of me and treats me like crap. And I just think she needs to hear that she knows she takes advantage of me and that if she keeps treating her employees like this no one will want to work for her anymore

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