TEXT TOPIC: What is your dirty little secret?

my dirty little secret is.. well first off I''m a total girly girl, hair done every 6 weeks, nails & pedis done monthly, I wear high heels everyday etc. And my dirty secret is that I chew tobacco eek!

LDS, girlfriend thinks I quit drinking.

stay fit so my wife will feel bad about herself and get healthy

I hate sex and it ends up ruining all of my relationships.

don't want to be with my gf anymore and she doesn't want to be with me but we stay together so we don't have to pay to break our lease

I sometimes I like to lather myself in Vaseline, lay on the floor and pretend that I'm a slug

everyone thinks I haven't been doing it anymore but I’m still bulimic... I binge and purge in hiding

My dirty little secret is I am a straight woman who has no desire to be with another woman, but when my husband is at work I often times will watch girl on girl porn and imagine what it would be like.

My wife has no idea because I always put on a front but my depression has gotten really bad the past couple months

My dirty little secret is that I went through rehab and though I'm no longer actively using the drug I used to I have switched my diction to another

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