TEXT TOPIC: Who pulled a NO SHOW at the wedding?

one of my husbands groomsmen never showed at the wedding, no call. Had to scramble to work around the missing body in the wedding line.

my used to be best guy friend gave me crap for not inviting him to my wedding ceremony so I moved things around and added him and girlfriend paid for

the lunch and then they didn''t show. No reason why

My student government advisor never showed after she promised she would. She was very important to me in High School and everyone had a special bond with each other in Stud Gov. and then she didn''t show? I was crushed.

oh my gosh we had about 10 people who did this at my wedding and it was SO frustrating because we paid per plate. We had a couple that begged us to invite them, then didn’t t even show. Others included cousins, friends, and even my own brother in law didn’t t even show. Won t ever speak to him again

BEST friend said she would be at my wedding but never showed. Claimed she had to drive someone home, and then later claimed it was because it was raining.

My dad's brother went on a huge hike the day before my parents got married & he ended up missing it cuz he was asleep.

My old boss who I really looked up to and taught me so much in life didn’t show up to my wedding. The week before she said she’d be there, then never showed. I haven’t really talked to her since then and it’s been 2 years. I’m still bugged by it.

my best friend! When I confronted her about it she claimed she thought my wedding was the week before it actually was. Wtf!?

childhood Bestie we grew up together. She was basically my sister

one of my best friends parents who I was very close with didn't show up to my wedding because they got too drunk

my uncle and his family of 6 RSVPd to our wedding dinner. They took up a whole table and NOT ONE CAME. We had a lot of people we wanted to invite so we truly bugged!

My husband had a "best friend" who was a groomsman in our wedding and just didn’t show. No call, nothing, just didn’t come. He knew he was a groomsman

My Daughter was just married on Saturday and my sister didn’t show up. Yes she has anxiety around people but come on that’s Valium is used for! Very disappointed. None of my extended family made it!

Our friends RSVP''d & they no showed. We also work together - he wonders why we made no more effort to be close!!! Plus we’d travel FAR to hang. Layton to Heber. They never did! Uhhh...?!? Really?!

a few bffs said they would be there but never showed. Said they couldn''t find the place.... yeah I''m sure the map on the invitation couldn''t have helped them... reevaluated that friendship.

My X-Mother In Law did not show to her ONLY sons wedding. Should have been my 1st sign that the fam was full of a-holes!

oldest sister didn''t come to our youngest sisters wedding. Day of Oldest sister said she wasn''t getting the respect she deserved

Daughters wedding was Sat. Nobody from my extended family came Very disappointed! My parents are both deceased. Disappointed in my sister!

In 2006 my Bridesmaid and her guest bailed on my Vegas wedding at the last minute. Dress, jewelry and a plated reception dinner at the Four Seasons paid for. Rarely speak to her anymore.

3 of my best friends RSVP to my daughter's wedding. None of them showed. Also my sisters' s in-laws didn't show for lack of having something to wear.

stepdads fam didn't show up. They said they would and didn't but they never show up to my moms kids things. We are the red headed stepchildren.

my grandma and child hood aunt no showed because I pulled them out of the wedding party for being no help.

My birth grandmother that I connected with two years prior to my wedding was going to come but didn’t show up. I called her after and she said that she had a vet appointment at 6 PM on Saturday so she wasn’t able to make it. Needless to say we’ve never talked again.

had a small wedding dinner, I was picky about who I wanted there. My friend, who I was on the fence about inviting, insisted she bring her new boyfriend, so I paid for them both then they didn’t show.

my husbands best friend didn't show up to the wedding. We haven't talked to him since and it's been 3 years

i work in a small close knit office and no one showed up.

My brother in law didn't show. Said he thought it was he weekend after. He was drinking and didn't have a ride.

my maid of honor didn't show weeks later she confessed she had slept with the groom day before the wedding

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