TEXT TOPIC: Who owes you money and it's awkward because they haven't paid?

dad owes me a few hundred. He Always has an excuse. I have since cut him off. Don't loan money if you're not okay with getting it back.

my mother in law owes us about $3k. It gets awkward sometimes because she’s been going on vacations and even bought a new car. Not too happy with her but what do you do. It’s your mother in law. Never again. Lesson learned!

my best friend owes me 600 dollars. We live together now. And I never bring it up...

get along with my ex wife very well, but I owe her money from the divorce which makes it very awkward picking up the kids and she asks if I have her payment in front of the kids.

A friend spotted me $60 when I was short on money. I wasn''t able to pay him back until 6 months later. Every day of interaction with my friend made me feel super guilty and almost didn''t want to talk to him until it was payed off.

I still have not spoken to my parents in over 10 years we had a family business which I became responsible for and was added onto the paperwork with the state and the government to be left with a deck at $254,000. My son was hit by a car lately and my mother reached out what an awkward situation I was in 10 years no talking and first words were you know if I had money I would give it to you. What the f my son was hit by a car

my parents owe me an upwards of 13k. They also ruined my credit score from the cards I let them use. I want to rip them a new one each time I see them. My wife hates them for it.

My father in law has screwed over my wife and her credit for years. we had worked out a payment plan and my wife and I worked hard to pay it all off. He has stopped paying his end to us and refuses discuss it because "he’s done enough".

I owe my parents $500 and just bought a new car. It's worse now to go around them but they get it and don't ask.

my in laws and parents have given so much money to siblings, I don't even feel bad we didn't pay back money we borrowed after a job loss

my uncle lent his son and daughter in law $100,000 to buy a house and they haven’t paid him back ANYTHING!

some friends (a couple) owe me a couple hundred dollars because I sold them a truck due to hard times well needless to say they haven t even mentioned anything about it even when they new my son was in the NICU at primary children''s and we were struggling to go see him due to tight finances I asked a few times and wasn''t even answered.. we don''t talk anymore

my brother and his wife owe my dad almost 100K, they don''t seem to even care that they haven''t paid it back in almost a year!! Even though they said it wouldn''t be longer than a few months after they borrowed it!

I owe my mother in law 500 dollars but she also owes me money when I bailed her drunky butt out. Shes not willing to negotiate

we borrowed 20k from my in laws when hubby started his own business. They won''t let us pay them back. We''ve tried. Still drives me crazy cause I know we owe them. It''s me. Not them.

My uncle borrowed $40,000 from my aunt and never paid it back.He also borrowed a truck from my other aunt, sold it, and kept the money. he was constantly taking money from my 95 year old grandpa. Overall, he took about $25,000 from him without asking. When my grandpa passed away, my aunts took my grandpa’s remaining money and split it up between all of the siblings except for my uncle because everyone felt he took more than his fair share. He was so mad, he made threats, and we had to ask the police to stay nearby at my grandpas funeral. To say that it’s awkward at family get-togethers is an understatement. Everybody wants to kill him

Paid off my exes debt on some of my credit cards. About a month later we broke up and said "it''s your debt now , good luck". I filed bankrupt on that debt and the car I co signed on for him. Never again

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