TEXT TOPIC: What are you looking forward to?

have finals next Monday and Tuesday for pharmacy school then 2 weeks off. Ready for a break!!!

going to New York in a week! Its my baby sisters 21st and I'm taking her out on the town.

We are picking up our cars and household items after moving back from overseas today! So excited!

counting down till my wedding! September 29th!! Woo hoo!

one year later and I'm finally going on my honeymoon!!! 10 days in Costa Rica baby! Wayyyy over due. Marriage is hard, it takes A LOT of work.

Rented a house near Zions and Bryce Canyon over Columbus Day weekend with 3 girlfriends from work.

Going on a cruise for my birthday

Good morning!! It's my birthday tomorrow!!

Baby girl due in 3 weeks! She''s our little rainbow baby after miscarriage

I'm excited for iHeartRadio festival next week! Wasn't a winner but excited for the get away.

looking forward to a two week vacation. 3 days in Disney world and the rest cruising around the Caribbean. Booked it two years ago. 3 months left to wait!!

Looking forward to skydiving... #iguess my friend scheduled it and I agreed to go with her now she won''t shut up about how excited she is that we are going! Maybe I''m excited it''s almost time togo so she''ll stop talking about it! ># #ithinkimgoingtothrowup #midlifecrisis #43 october 8th!

headed to L.A. next weekend for work and get to go see the Rams and Chargers game

going to Mexico for 3 weeks to visit family and eat yummy food, yummy yummy food. Travel around the pyramids, so beautiful there

have 3 fillings at 7am but they're at apex. They're seriously the best!! Thx Jess xo

Looking forward to flying to Denver seeing my darling daughter Valerie (Happy Birthday Val) Then flying to New York to see Avery at Colgate University.

my miracle baby turns 1yrs old next month

I am going to Cancun in 2 weeks!!! I am seeing isla murjes Cancun and Cozumel

get to go on a cruise with my WHOLE family!

my boyfriend comes home from his 2 week business trip just in time for us to go to Luke Bryan meet and greet VIP experience followed by a hotel stay

I'm looking forward to finishing my masters degree this month. I'm a working mom and can't wait to be done with homework forever!

excited for the Drake concert!

this Sunday is the Carmelite fair and basque dancers are performing!! It's one of my favorite event of the year.

just around the corner, mommies only trip to Nashville!!

so excited for Utah nail expo tomorrow in Layton

the hubby and I won a IVF grant. We will be starting the process as soon as we can

Looking forward to getting laid this weekend yeah buddy

My wife and I will celebrate our 12 year anniversary tomorrow. Started a new job, so money's tight. Probably go to dinner and a movie

leaving this afternoon to head to Vegas to go to our first NASCAR race on Sunday for the hubby's birthday. I'm looking forward to the people watching

It's TGIF weekend baby! Been long week of overtime 7-5. Need I say more

Looking forward to my mom coming in town from Illinois. Haven't seen her since April.

I have my baby in 5 weeks

me and my gf are headed to the Bahamas on sunday!

I'm going to Munich for Oktoberfest next week!

I've been wanting a puppy my whole life and for my 21st birthday, my mom got me one. I pick her up Sunday!

after 7 years being together, we are finally tying the knot in3 weeks

Hi this is Ben and I'm excited for my trip to Europe I've been planning for over a year and leave on Thursday next week

I''m running the Huntsville half marathon this weekend! Yay! So fun!

We''re surprising our kids at Disneyland for their first time! We leave next week. I''m a Disney child at heart so I''m just as excited

doing a outdoor climbing class tomorrow my bday present to me for my 59th birthday

I'm looking forward to elk and deer hunting season. Husband will be gone for a couple of weeks. Vacation for me! Ahhhh


hub and I leave on a cruise Sunday. Kid free for the first time in a decade

Heading to La Jolla in two weeks for my big"50"!!! So excited..

get married in a week and a half family comes in on Wednesday

Going to Baltimore next weekfor a week!!

getting married September 24th same as Jess!! (:

closing on my new house in 3 weeks

I'm picking up my Rescue dog today I'm adopting after following him for 9 months.

going to Cuba with my grandma who is from there this is her first time back.

My official business launch in the next couple months!! ((Cupcakes Unique))

My family is coming into town today. My mom loves her grand baby and I love having her with me

excited taking my 10 year old daughter to Luke Bryan next week

Parents Weekend next week at Utah State. Get to see my boy!!!

moving in with my love of my life this weekend! We met online and it's only been 2 weeks. When you know you know! Natural knowing!

headed to Texas October 4-8 for taylor swift. Can't wait.

bucket list trip of a lifetime to dive the great barrier reef!

Taking my family to Disneyland and universal studios on October 5th for a week. 2 yr old keeps shouting YAY MINNIE! YAY MOANA!

finally getting a weekend for me and the hubs next month. going to San Jose for Twitch con!

looking forward to performing the national anthem tomorrow. Haven't performed in almost a year.

Happy 24th birthday to my hubby! Can't wait to go to RMR for the last jet cars tomorrow!

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