TEXT TOPIC: Did someone ruin your concert experience?

went to Denver for the Luke Bryan concert a few weeks ago and there was this girl that just kept drinking drinking and drinking she was so drunk she couldn’t stand up her and her boyfriend continue to make out for the entire show and the row actually move down so they had space to do it they took up8 chairs it was ridiculous!

Had a lady in the row behind me spill her beer down my back at Killers concert. I hate the smell of beer.

My wife Ruins any concert I go to with her. She absolutely hates crowds and sits there bitching the whole time.

My fianc ruined the concert for us. He was heavily intoxicated and falling all over people and when the women next to us got upset by it he decided to start flirting with them. Next thing you know he’s trying to go home with them. He doesn’t remember but what’s new

EVERYONE ON THEIR PHONES. GET OFF YOUR DAMN PHONES. It's disrespectful to not only the crowd but also the artist performing. LIVE IN THE MOMENT!!

311 concert, a guy was trying to crown surf, I may have thrown him a bit hard.

i was the one who ruined the concert. I pre-gamed a little too hard, and the entire concert i had to be held up by friends. As well as i fell on my enemy. She was nice enough to catch me through! I was eventually escorted out. Sorry bffs!

it was me! we went to an Eagles concert I was screaming my guts out the girls in front of me couldn’t take it they moved. Apparently, I was mad that they weren''t getting more into the concert. LoL

went to see John Mayer and Colbie Callait a few years ago. There was an older couple in their 60s that thought they were 20 reliving their glory days. They were SO DRUNK and spilling drinks and puking and bumping and grinding to colbie callait. How do you even bump and grind to Colbie? It was gross. Luckily they left half way through because they were puking. Put a damper on the night for sure.

bought Toby Keith tix for our 17th anniversary 8 people in front of us got up & down at least 8x''s each for drinks and 8x''s for the bathroom. I don’t think we saw a thing but their butts

My husband’s work got us tickets for the Maroon 5 concert and we were super happy because we got there and we were on the fifth row. The only problem was that these super old ladies kept crawling over us to sneak up to the front row to get pictures and security kept getting called over... They were super drunk and totally belligerent to Security and the Vivant employees

husband and I went to Cirque du Soleil in Vegas. Just before the lights went down and the show started, the lady next to us puked everywhere! The lights went down and we had to sit there through the whole show with vomit on us trying not to smell it! I was so pissed and wanted to talk to the show to get different tickets but my husband won''t let me! Stupid old lady!

Front row at a Stephen Marley concert. Some crazy bizatch behind us constantly screamed as if she was being stabbed to death. Not your normal crowd cheering skills. I’ve seen videos of the concert posted on YouTube and you can hear her in every one of them.

Lady Gaga concert. I was on the floor GA. A dad and teenage daughter kept on getting mad at everyone for dancing and cheering. He said we were all "ruiners."

went to a Dixie chicks concert at usana amphitheater. Lovin the vibe until the chick in front of us pulled out her breast pump. I’m not against that kind of thing but I am a guy and what sort of taken back.

Husband fell asleep during the Naked and Famous Concert. They were only 40 min or so into their set and we had to leave because he couldn’t keep his eyes open. He still feels bad to this day. I was so excited to see them and didn’t even get to see them perform my favorite songs.

went to Kenny Chesney dude Next to me was all up in my business made it hard to even breathe he was so close to me

went to WI to see Chance the rapper my cousin &her friends got trashed were fighting & we almost missed him, wasted $600 between flights& festival tickets

Went to see Kenny Loggins at Kingsbury Hall. A guy behind us took his shoes & socks off, had stinky feet & he loudly sang each song out of key...anightmare!

Went to Jordan Sparks, was in the seats but whem it started all the 8year olds from the hill pushed into the rows and were basically sitting on my lap

My son was at Suicide Boys last night and there was a guy who he filmed that climbed a pole and hung from the rafters. Lasted for 3 mins. Smh

BF paid a ton for Who tickets in Vegas and got puked on 10 minutes into the show, all over the back of his new $50 concert T

ruined my sisters time going to a concert. I was pregnant and totally bailed. She ended up with a concussion bc no one was watching out for her

went to Kesha was in the grass and it was basically a naked fest and one guy blew smoke in my little sisters face, my mom was about to kill him

my mom took me to my first concert I was like maybe 14 and she took off an started drinking and then left me and I was done with the concert .. andfound her drunk in the parking lot ...

my friend & i were at the migos concert last december. the whole time an older man behind us kept trying to brush up on us & continued asking what we were

Seal concert Vegas, drinking at an oxygen bar for a long time before, was sober, got more beer at concert, went to bathroom got lost, instantly drunk, passed out outside, they found me put me in a wheel chair and took me to my girlfriend

I accidentally ate too much of an edible before the weezer concert i was probably the person who ruined it for some next to me.. I'm sorry

saw the Rolling Stones with my ex. The people behind us kept telling us to sit down. Plus the concert wasn’t long enough. Out by 10 pm. Not right for the $

some girl at an ellie golding concert elbowed me in the neck and then pushed me so her friend could take her spot. Then she persisted to push my friend to get some other people in.

was at dashboard confessional and a drunk girl swinging her arms around punched me in the jaw and I got beer spilled on me from the upper balcony!

maroon 5 couple in front of us had 6 month old baby. No headphones for her. Poor thing looked catatonic. Eyes wide not crying. Spent whole concert worrying about her.

saw Eve 6, However, the lead singer ruined the experience because he was so drunk he couldn’t make it through the full set. He couldn’t stand up and no refunds were issued

got free tix to John Mayer at USANA. Parked w/ 1 tire halfway on an abandoned train track. Went to fight the ticket & the judge upped my fine & almost took my license

Scorpions concert, as the last song played wife decided we needed to leave 5 min early to beat traffic because she had to get up early. Then she sat on the bed looking at FB for 20 min. My fav song ever and we left as it started.

5''4" here, always wear 4" or 6" heels to concerts to help see SaltAir show I''m maybe 10 ft from the stage when a dude well over 6 ft tall not only inserts himself RIGHT in front of me, but STEPS on me while doing it off to the balcony since I could no longer see :-(

i was with my friend for his birthday and I got wasted before I got there so I don’t even remember getting there, but his parents were bouncers and they apparently got us into vip i kept asking for free drinks and they were nice enough but didn’t realize I was already to drunk so they helped my friend escort me out to go home.

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