TEXT TOPIC: What kind of rules do you have in your marriage?

hubby can never play world of Warcraft. Play any other game you want but that one. It ruins marriages

my husband doesn't do any housework inside and I don't have to do any outside

Husband cannot but a vehicle without me being with him because he has showed up on my lunch hour and the kids said look what Dad bought 20,000 dollars later

Rules: No name calling and go to bed at the Same time

You cannot smoke cigarettes!

we have a rule that we are not allowed to talk about religion or faith or anything spiritual with his family because it starts fights and causes issues

rule to have morning kiss before getting out of bed and night kiss before someone falls asleep

no big purchases without the other spouses knowledge we make those decisions together

No coffee in the house. Makes me nauseous.

my husband would not help me clean so we dedicated Sunday to 1 to 3 hours of cleaning every week. It has worked for the past 3 years

I''m a vegan and my spouse is not. My rule is that I won''t cook or buy animal products with my money. He can eat whatever but he has to buy and make it. No lingering smell meats though like bacon cooked in the home though

My boyfriend is constantly tickling me. Sometimes it''s fun sometimes it''s super annoying. The rule is if I say PLEASE STOP. He has to stop. It''s basically a rule for both us if we are doing something annoying that the other person isn''t loving.

Our rule: Any purchase more than $100 needs to be discussed and agreed on.

my biggest rule is no porn. But I make up for it... by giving him our porn to watch. And I also said no looking at girls stories on Instagram. I just feel like if you do that then they’re in your mind, especially if you’ve dated them before. There’s no need for that. Social media kills relationships.

We have a rule that we NEVER talk about money after 10 pm. It will ALWAYS cause contention after 10.

had an ex bf whose rules were: no drinking period, I could drive if we were both in the car, could not talk to other boys, and I had to call and check in

always go to bed together.

absolutely no social media. Snapchat,FB,instagram,Twitter, ANYTHING.

our rule is any purchase over $100 we talk to the other person about it

2 rules: no stripclubs/strippers and he has to beat a video game before he starts another one.

so I have a rule with me and my wife when I get home from work we stay off our phones until we go to bed. I work all day so I want to have quality family time.

I had to make a rule that my husband couldn't go eat at McDonald's more than once a week because he was eating breakfast there almost every day

you can look once and look hard but look twice and I''ll smack you

Anniversary is 6/14, so we have an alarm and rule to hug, kiss, or send a loving text at that time.

no going to the bar without significant other

rules to hug after each fight, take a break apart from each other, being open to each others ideas.

my husband made me promise before we got married that we would never own a minivan. That is our rule. No family minivans for us.

Anything spent over $20 we discuss first.

no friends of the opposite sex for both of us

Used to have a rule were we didn't drink without each other. We'd have to be together to drink alcohol.

if we ever want to sleep with someone else we have to let the other know and the other spouse will also sleep with someone else

husband cannot scare me after dark

No Grand Theft Auto. I will not let my husband buy/play that game!

no porn or following nsfw posts online

No alcohol... Ever!!!

i can smoke but not hide it

Dishes is for husband Laundry is for me

Neither of us are allowed to have more than a few drink (get drunk) without the other present.

all passwords are shared

we have a rule that he cleans blood and I clean puke. We share pee and poop.

rules, we can''t have close friends of the opposite gender. We know way too many ppl who leave their spouse for their ''friend''. Also no fish or menudo cooked in the house.

we don''t think of it as a "rule" but every night we decided to tell each other one thing that the other person did that day that we are grateful for. So throughout the day I am trying to think of the thing I am grateful for to share that night.

One rule I had for my ex is that he couldn't have the ex girlfriend and her kids( they weren't his kids) at the house. Especially if I wasn't home

I''m an incredibly private person so one of my "rules" is him not telling his family or friends anything about me: info about my past, my daily plans, my phone number, etc.

we can''t have Facebook we been together over a year we fight we "break up" and get back together all in the same day and he would hurry and add a bunch of skanks as friends and say it was because we were broke up so when I did the same adding a ton of hot guys he didn''t like it!! WEIRD,,,,so ya no more fb

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