TEXT TOPIC: Do you pass gas in front of your spouse?

it took me year and half to fart in front of my now wife.

my husband and I have been together for two-and-a-half years and we constantly pass gas in front of each other and he encourages me when I do it

yes we let them go all the time. Covered wagons in bed even.

according to my husband, I do not poop or fart. That's private to me and I keep it that way

My husband and I were shy about it in the beginning but we are absolutely not anymore after almost 10 yrs. And his farts STINK!!!!

Bf and I would have contests on loudest smelliest but I would never allow him to do the covered wagon. Nope.

Within the first week of meeting my wife she "tooted" on my lap. I thought it was cute! She''s a very gassy woman!

been with my girlfriend for almost 2 months and still haven't. Neither has she. I hold it until she leaves but it's coming soon! And I'll love it

A week after we were married, I cover wagoned my husband. I snuck my butt up by his pillow while he was sleeping and let loose. We still laugh about it all the time.

5 years in and we are still respectful about it. I''ve passed has a handful of times in front of him but i usually will excuse myself if my stomach hurts. I like to keep SOME mystery alive

my soon to be ex farted all the time - way more than normal - and he hid lots of affairs and was not playful (mostly verbally abusive) so I''m thinking this isn''t totally true...

my man is good with it!! He doesn't want my poor belly to hurt! He usually says "get some babe, goodness"

I intentionally toot on my hubs in bed. Payback. Also, he will walk in on me pooping. Jackass. It's all in good fun!

thanks for the perfect excuse when I let one rip "babe it's just bringing us closer together"

my husband farts ALL THE DANG TIME I hate it, it smells so freaking bad it just puts me in a bad mood when he does it. Can''t you just leave the room for a min. And then come back when you''re done

colton here yes i do this.... first date... oopsie haha. Then 7 years later its like a symphony at my house

We've been married 12 years and we are super attracted to each other still and my husband busts up when I do it followed by a "what the hell?" Ha ha

been with my husband for six years. I have only farted in front of him once. Just not my thing. Btw the time I did fart in front of him was when we were

I fart when asleep, that's all. Husband always has and calls them "love scents" for me. Been together 33 years.

hubby & I are like Frankie. My mom and stepdad are like Jess to each other. They laugh about it.

We both do because it is not good for your body to hold it in. And why not!? we all do it, no one should be ashamed of it. You let it go Jess!! I''mright there with You!

I farted in front of my now wife the first night we met. I take pride knowing I can fart louder and longer than her

Absolutely not. I could see gaining a few pounds after marriage as a trust, comfort, etc arguement. But sharing bathroom related stuff means all mystery is gone!

Yep typically I wait until I'm in front of our bedroom fan so it blows right into her face lol, she waits until I'm laying right next to her in bed.

hubs & I have been together 27 years and never gassed in front of each other. he says something to other people if they do, and my boys not to do itin front of girls. EVER!

My husband and I never do. I don''t find it attractive and really don''t want to smell what''s fermenting in his stomach and he feels the same way. Werespect each other''s space.

My husband and I do it all the time in front of each other. We have been together for almost 8 years now. We also will leave the door open when we use the restroom, I guess we are just super comfortable around each other!

I've been dating my girlfriend for 3 years and I don't do it are fun of her only because I know to kill her literally I'm pretty potent

I am OK with the farts but I really don't want to see her pooping. Please keep the door closed!

My husband does it; I don''t. He even has phrases and gestures to go along. "Is someone moving furniture?" - "Is there a duck in the house?" Huge turn-off, not sexy!

we fart freely in our marriage. I wouldn't marry a man I couldn't fart in front of.

We do. My husband said that there was a study that smelling the gas helps you to not get cancer.

been with my guy 9 years... he darts everywhere anytime, restaurants, stores, home, me I still wont under any circumstances.

I'm a firm believer that you need to be able to fart in front of your partner before you even get engaged. Hubby & I let them rip, LOL

I''ve been with my guy for seven years and we have NEVER gone number 2 in front of each other. We don''t even pass gas in front of each other! My dudesaid, "trust me, you don''t want me to pass gas in front of you. It will change our relationship." Hahah

at first we didn't but being married 6 years now he does it more than I do and he just laugh about it

Been married for over 14 years, husband has been letting them go since the beginning. Finally after probably 12 years I have given in and it feels wonderful! But he thinks it''s gross when I do it! Who cares!!!!

I didn't fart in front of my husband till we'd been married a year. He was shocked, it was hilarious. But now I do all the time.

3yr 2gether nvr intentionality do it. But some nights we r extra tired when in bed & we both fall asleep while she down there & I accidentally let it go in

my husband did it on our second date I was mortified. We've been together 8 years and we are comfortable farting if we need to

My Mom farted in front of my dad on accident for the first time after 20 yrs of marriage and 2 kids. She was so embarrassed she cried!

26 years together and never! No open doors on the bathroom, no burping , no farting. lol! Of course, like Frankie said, accidents happen but whenyou just outright do it - yuck. I don''t want to be grossed out by him and vice versa. Keep the romance alive!

My wife is a dainty woman and she farts more often and louder than I ever do! She puts any man to shame.

I don't mainly out of respect because he is much more modest than I am. How ever I do make up for by belching

Me and my hubs fart soooo loud with each other and laugh so hard!! We bond and laugh together. It's love!!

I do not purposely do that in front of my spouse I am along with mine happen but doing it purposely bring your spouse is kind of disrespectful hey deal with

Been together for 5 years married for 2 and first farted just a year ago

I fart in front of my wife all the time. We've been married almost four years and I haven't heard her yet.

my boyfriend will purposely pin me down and sit on my face and fart on me. he won't let me get up until I start gagging

I farted in my sleep. Loudest fart of my life and woke me up kind of like Frankie's story. Woke up my wife

we don't attack each other with them but we're definitely fart & gigglers. We're basically 4 years old

Hot pocket... after 13 years fart then throw covers to bed over spouses head and hold

my hubs is so impressed because mine are all bark with no bite!!

wife and I both rip em. Taken turns clearing the bedroom. Both laugh uncontrollably at it half the time.

Been together for over 2 years there are zero boundaries. Jess, I can totally relate to you with you bathroom openness

our first make out session with my ex i let one go on accident.

Husband started farting in front of my by our second date. I'm not allowed to toot in front of him, but if I do, I give him fair warning.

1st happened about 6 or 7 mths into dating while making out. Since then we do it in front of each other when it slips but we don't make it a big thing.

have occasionally but my husband doesn''t do that in front ofme. We have been together for 17 years now

my now husband took 6 months before he did it in front of me lol pretending to make phone calls got old

that must be why I have such great relationships with EVERYONE, wife, work, kids, friends EVERYONE. I do feel sorry for my office mate

had to break that barrier a cple wks in. Farted on his lap. Now married 20 yrs.

hey guys, Eric here. Wrote in a few months back about me auditioning for Wheel of Fortune. Gotta say, pretty cool experience. But didn't make it on tv..

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