TEXT TOPIC: Who's the person in the family who ruined your wedding?

Who's the person in the family who ruined your wedding? 

My sister-in-law was our florist and didn’t show up to my wedding to an hour and a half after it was supposed to start Her excuse was weddings always start late

I may have ruined my cousins wedding. Well, not completely ruined, drank way too much and realized it way too late. Embarrassing!

I ruined my moms and ex step dads wedding photo! I pulled a face in every family wedding photo! I was a 6 yr old douche lol! I thought I would beat the flash damn it!

my little sister ran up to my sister at her wedding and smashed cake in her face because her and her husband were nice to each other during the cake sharing part of the ceremony

Wedding - my mom. Mom and I have never seen eye to eye, very judge mental, very strict my entire life. Decided not to wear the correct colors at my wedding (black, white & grey). She wore teal.

at my wedding, my sister got upset that my new bride danced with her dad to a certain song. So she had a solo dance with my dad to the same song

my husband and father got in a fight after the ceremony. My husband stormed back to our hotel leaving me at the reception alone. He left me for so long that people were offering to drive me back to our hotel.

my sister in law was supposed too do my hair and makeup and fell asleep drunk and no one could get a hold of her and I was so upset and was bawling

my SIL ruined her own wedding by saying the whole day was a crapshoot and yelled at my husband in front of everyone at the reception for nothing

Friend’s Wedding one of the mail attendees picked the groom up on the dance floor and airplane Whilrrd him in the air for a few minutes it was so embarrassing

her sisters ruined it b4 it happened. Fought with us on day, venue, decorations, everything! Finally said F it and just had a civil ceremony

Sis in law! I told her everything I wanted but she had to "make it better." WTF!

Married in Hawaii. Younger brother spent the entire time wedding day included whining that he hated it and wanted to go home. Now he talks about how much he loved it and wants to go back. Really!?

Got to drink at brothers wedding ended up losing my clothes so now I'm naked and crying for him

my mom - toast at my sisters wedding was about how horrible her other daughter (me) is. She's cray cray

my mother in law was 2 hours late to our reception

my family told us that they were going to help pay for the wedding and backed out last minute

In laws, we re LDS & we weren’t married in the temple they were upset & left during the reception

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