TEXT TOPIC: Did you make a joke and people thought you were serious?

Did you make a joke and people thought you were serious?

joked around that I was gay, little did I know that my friend was. She thought we were dating all though HS. Felt pretty bad about that.

Put grandma in the nursing home. I asked my mom what happened to her dog. Mom said it went to uncle Toms. Found out years later it didn’t go to Uncle Toms. Uncle Tom put the dog down.

Got a text on my phone, I said "oh it’s probably one of my other boyfriends" (jokingly) I got broken up with two weeks later I was talking to too many people. He was the only one.

my foot is in a boot & my waitress asked what happened, I just told her "my parachute didn’t open"

she believed me for a min.

jokingly (straight faced) told a coworker some scars on both legs were from a knife fight because I grew up on the mean streets of west Clinton Utah. He believed me!!! For years!! I had some serious street cred...in his mind.

was joking with a very very distant friend about renting a room. She asked when she could move in.

daughter asked why I didn't have hair on my legs, my reply "that hair doesn't grow on steel". At 17 she asked how I got through airport screenings

went through a bad breakup with a boyfriend and told my coworkers that "I hate boys." It got all around the office that I am a lesbian

joked about worshipping Satan. Come to find out, they thought I was all about good old 666!

Friend has always had a gray patch of hair, told another friend she was part peacock, friend believed her for over a year.

told my son at a young age if he didnt use protection his penis would turn green and fall off. He was 16 before he called me out on it.

Commented to my room mate that Betty White looks so good that I didn''t think she aged. She came moments later and asked how is it that she doesn''t age? She actually thought Betty White didn''t age.

Told everyone in school I got shot in the chest

They still believe me 10 years later

have a scar on my knee from surgery told my son it was from a shark bite he Believe me for years told all of his friends how cool his mom was

missed single day of jr high n when asked why i said i'd eloped 2 vegas n got caught me n brought me back

Someone told me someone said I go after people''s husbands, I responded ''yep, lock up your husbands ladies!'' Well that rumor exploded after. Oops. Was totally kidding, promise

Lagoon has some old ride tracks in a field next to the park. Driving by, I told my son that was where Lagoon grows the new rides. He believed me and may still!

my mom told me the ice cream truck was the music man. I believed it until I was like 8 or 9

friends husband said he was born in a test tube and didn't have a belly button, she believed it for 6 years even though they were having sex

was on a boat! I have led zeppelin symbols tattooed on my shoulder. Girls asked what that meant, I said with a straight face I was into satanic rituals when I was younger. The whole day they sat on opposite side of the boat from me

When my brother was 16 he had a major lung Infection got a bad scar from the surgeries. One day a girl asked my mom. Did he really get shot by his friend during a hunting trip? My mom laughed in her face.

joked at work about purse vodka...awkward convo with mgmt because co-worker thought I really had vodka

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