TEXT TOPIC: Where were you and how old were you when 9/11 happened?

Where were you and how old were you when 9/11 happened?

I was in 6th grade. I remember my teacher saying "you need to see this, its history in the making."

i was in 6th grade and my teacher had us watch it on the news right when we got to school. Everyone was in tears & terrified.

8th grade, 1st period Milwaukee WI didn't understand the magnitude at first,teacher and aid started crying

Just got married to my Husband who is from Ireland, he just looked at me and said welcome to the real world. I still remember as if it happened thismorning.

remember turning on the tv and seeing it and being so confused. I got to jr and we pretty much watched it all day that day. #neverforget

I was 16 years old in high school in Arizona, To make things worse my school had a bomb threat and my school was locked down all day.

was in high school in history class and every class had tv's on all day.

was in the military on radio silence. We found out 2-3 days after.

was out of the country on a lds mission didn't seem real being a world away

grew up in Pennsylvania aand was in fifth grade. They couldn't tell us anything and we went home early

was on a mission in Detroit...that morning we were supposed to meet with a family at the military base by New Baltimore. The guy we were meeting told us what was going on and that the base was on lockdown.

i was a sr. I remember getting phone calls from my mom and aunt saying that my grandparents are safe because they where scheduled to fly home that day from Europe. I remember watching tv al day and trying to get a hold of family in nyc.

I was in 6th grade. I woke up and my mom said "come here and watch this, this world is going to change." We watched the news and then at school we watched the news until the principal finally said we could t watch it anymore because people started getting scared. I know planes weren''t allowed to fly and we saw one and people started freaking out. It was a scary time.

I woke up to my dad screaming at the tv just crying no no no! I was 17 at school the TVs were on all day school was postponed

was in 8th grade in history and my teacher had a son who worked there and was doing everything he could to get ahold of him. Luckily his son was ok.

teachers were watching TVs faced toward the chalkboard on mute

watched it horrified in my living room with my then 17 yr old son. He decided that day to join the military. Today marks his 15 yr mark. Lives changed in so many ways

3rd grade. Watched it on TV the whole school day. Moment of silence and lowering the flag on playground

22 - worked at a communication place and people calling asking why

watched the second plane hit on tv. Knew instantly that my husband would be deployed. He was in country within weeks. He was a special forces medic for 20 years.

was supposed to be in the N tower on the 68th flr. Stayed home bc it was my last child's 1st day of kindergarten. Lost 2 friends in that tower.

I was 10 years old and I was watching the news and asked my mom why the airplane went into the building. My mom turned her head and was quite. Goingto school it was scary and no one was talking. My teachers were crying and no one was playing on the play ground.

17 yrs ago I was 19 watching Transformers and then I changed the channel saw the coverage, I would eventually join the military at 24.

I was in NYC, I was 19 living there as a nanny. Scariest thing ever!!!

11th grade in school my teacher was on the phone with some one and she turned the tv on just as the second plane hit.

I was almost 13 in 7th grade sitting in Spanish class. It was game day so I was in my class office sweater.

I was in 1st grd my teacher suddenly became very quiet and turned on the news. We all gathered around the TV and cried. I will never forget

I had just gotten back from New York where I have seen the twin towers for the first time in my life. Watching the events unfold Made me decide right then and there that I wanted to become a firefighter and it''s the best decision I ever made

I was in 6th grade my teachers had the TV on in class all day no learning.

my cousin was a twin both worked at the trade center one twin was on a coffee run while he watch the towers fall knowing his brother was in there

9/11, I was 18 on my way to the U for Chemistry class.

9th grade. I was in Spanish class, learning airplane vocabulary. Our teacher had arranged the seats in the room to mimic the layout of an airplane and put the class clown in the pilot seat. The intercom in the room was broken, so we didn''t learn what happened until class was over.

I was 14 and walking into home room for school and seeing the news

during 9/11, my dad was hunting in Canada and was in the middle of nowhere when it happened and didn't get to find out until about 5 days after it happened

I was 19 at the U dorms and I walked in and said, well that''s an inside job. Then I called my dad because I knew that he was supposed to be in the Pentagon that day for his job but he had postponed that trip. I was very thankful after that. I still know it was an inside job.

I was 6 years old. It was my birthday, but my parents didn't tell us til later. They took turns crying and entertaining the party. We had no idea

8 yrs old. woke up to eat cereal w/ my brother, turned on the TV and watched the 2nd plane hit. I was confused y mom didn't let us go to school.

my brother was at Disneyland for his honeymoon on 9/11 and they had closed it down in case it was a target as well.

I was in Manhattan, ended up down at the site and am listed as a rescue worker. We searched for bodies and found no one complete.

I was 13 living in Las Vegas. We weren't allowed to watch it on tv in school that day. Also, no planes in the sky in Vegas that day was so creepy.

was 22 years. I was teaching English in western China. Not being in the US and not able to pull up many websites, it was scary trying to figure out what

911 A friend called that morning and woke me up her husband is a Delta pilot and she didn''t know where he was and couldn''t reach him I was miscarrying our first baby that week and cried And watched TV nonstop for what seemed like forever

Brother and mom in NY at Towers on 9/10, brother supposed to be on flight that hit 2nd tower, grateful dad pulled him off night before

play early morning basketball.... finished, and got in my car to head home and heard on the radio plane had hit one of the towers... got home in time to see 2nd plane hit... kept our kids home from school and stayed home from work... Sad Sad day!!

it was my 21 st birthday we were heading to Vegas and all air traffic has been shut down.. I''ve never seen the strip so empty. People had lined the sidewalks by the new York hotel With flowers.

I was 10 excited for my birthday the next day. Turned on tv and saw the first plane. Told my mom she started crying I was super confused. My birthday was super sad.

I was 11 years old, just getting out of the pool after swim practice. Listened to the radio on the way home. watched it TV with my 6th grade class at school

heard it on radio while driving to school at the U. Classes went on as normal but everyone was talking about it all over campus & in class.

I was waiting for the bus in 5th grade and my neighbor came out and told me to tell my parents to turn on the tv to the news we turned it on as soon as the 2nd plane was coming in...i remember every second and detail of that morning like its a movie in my head

I was 20 years old on my mission in New Orleans. we happened to be at Cracker Barrel for breakfast and saw it on the tv there, didn't seem real.

when 9/11 happened I was 29 I just woke up and a few minutes later the phone rang it was my ex-father-in-law telling me to turn on my TV.

I was 7, and at lake Powell with no radio reception. We found out 3 days later!

11 years old in middle school a short distance from where it all happened. still one of the hardest days of the year for me

I was 13, getting ready for school when my mom called us in her room to see what was happening, during school we watched when we were told not to

was 24 years old, living in las vegas. I was sleeping and was woken up as I had just gotten off working at the airport at 4am PST that morning.

Sophomore in High School. I walked into the band room and my friends were scattered around the room, all eyes on the TV

I was in 6th grade watching channel 1 news! I just remember watching the second building get hit and my teacher scared and sobbing!

I was a junior in high school, was in the middle of cosmo school teacher came in crying and that''s all we heard all day. I have cousins who were across the river and watched it all happen

I was in 4th grade in SLC. Now I live in NYC and it's sobering to be here today. Feels very surreal being in the city where it happened

I'm 25 I was in second grade coloring. We did that all day while the news was on in the back of the class. i was 9

14 yr old of the way to high school from early morn Seminary when we heard it on the radio. Such a sad day.

i was 13. I skipped the first period so I came to school and everyone was watching it

just turned 17. I was in my first period when the teacher drew a picture of what the towers looked like explaining what happened

On 9/11 I was in 2nd Grade. I remember it being so terrifying. The whole day was sad and scary. Today I am a 2nd Grade teacher and I get to talk to my students about what happened. I hope to use this chance to teach them about kindness and to also teach them how resilient our country can be.

I was a senior in high school sitting in my computer class. A kid in my class was surfing the web and came across a live feed of the twin towers. That’s all we watched the rest of the day.

7th grade, just after lunch we walked in and saw it on my teachers tv, she turned it off and refused to talk about it.

I was just getting ready to start work when a coworker came down from the break room saying the first tower was just hit

High school art class w/ tv on, principal later made everyone turn off. Fear &confusion following caused my dad to be detained and stripped search. He was aerospace engineer.

I was 13 and had just lost my dad that June. I was watching the news and saw the second plane hit. I remember bursting in tears for those people that lost the people they love. Pretty sure I cried every time I saw the news, and every time it was brought up for quite a while.

delivered my first born. Happy 17th birthday Skyler!

I was 5 years old and I remember my mom was watching the news of the towers I went to preschool and that's all we watched was the coverage

I was serving a mission in Honduras. My cousin was in New York at the time. We couldn''t reach anyone. We were worried we couldn''t come back, especially those that were supposed to come home soon.

17 years ago I heard about the first plane crashing into the WTC listening to your show getting ready for school.

I was 14, getting ready for Jr high listening to you guys. I heard you guys start to report on it and I wasn''t sure what was going on. Then my mom called me in, I was stunned. School was weird that morning.

i was 7 yrs old, 2nd grade. I thought it wasn't real. Saw that it kept playing over and over all day on the tv. My teacher was straut.

I was in 6th grade when 9/11 happened. I was eating breakfast and watching tv with the sound off and because I wasn''t paying attention I thought the clips of the twin towers was a commercial for a movie.

on 9/11 we were visiting triplets in the U of U NICU

I was at the airport. sister''s former bf was supposed to leave for his mission on 9/11 and her now husband was supposed to come home on 9/11. I was a freshman in hs.

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