TEXT TOPIC: What is your student driver horror story?

When I was taking my driving test for the first time I hit a garbage can. Yeah let's just say I didn't pass

driving instructor let me get extra hours. Spent more time then I needed running errands. He goes weird places.

Had a drivers ed teacher who had a megaphone and would sit in the passenger seat and yell at you with the megaphone

my first day learning how to drive a semi I wiped out a stop sign with the trailer now I pull doubles and I'm over 70 feet long and I think it's easy

My daughter drove into our garage door last Oct. $11k damage to the van, $1400 to the garage.

A girl I went to school with was on her drivers test. Long sty short the teacher told her to pas a car so she grabbed the gear shift and put it in "P" for pass. She blew the tranny and failed.

had never been downtown when I took my drivers test. The instructor failed to mention most of the roads were one way. Needless to say we almost died lol but I passed the test!

My drivers test examiner talked about how drunk she was & spent the entire ride with her head between her legs saying she wished she had a better

when i was learning the instructor told me to turn. Instead of grabbing turn signal accidentally put car in reverse. Yeah car didn’t like it

friend of mine ran the car into a barrier at the drivers ed parking lot

when I had my learners I was in my moms brand new truck hit the gas instead of the break went through the garage door into the side of the house

I was pulled over in the marked drivers ed car in the first day I drove!! I asked my teacher if I should pull over he said no until he heard the sirens! He was not happy!

my first time driving (terrified BTW) some a**hole kids pretended like they were going to pull out in front of me. The instructor leaned over, grabbed the wheel and started honking and yelling at the kids. Embarrassing

Daughter ran into light pole on drivers range while looking for defrost. Didn't want to be yelled at for stopping.

Taking my driver''s test at DMV doing parallel parking I hit a cone, the officer , Fred, told me if that had been a car I would hit it, I told him had that been a real car I would have been more careful. I failed!!

My sis taught me to drive at 15, drove everywhere. Police pulled me over finally and said I thought u had ur license until I seen u in the drivers ed car

In driver s ed, first day on the road with my driving group and instructor our instructor took us up on to some steep hills and asked to parallel park. I was so nervous that I ended up ramming into car parked on the hill in front of us, twice. I got the gas and break mixed up

my aunt somehow rolled the car on its roof on the drivers ed range.

Was told to just drive straight. Asked y I have to drive thru the do not enter sign. Panicked! That was the test. I was supposed to turn. Instant FAIL!

the school had a drivers ed teacher that would fall asleep if you were a good driver some kid was almost to Idaho when he woke up.

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