TEXT TOPIC: What is your passive aggressive text?


dear lone peak high students, y'all suck a driving! Stop weaving in and out of cars and cutting people off. It’s so dangerous and not to mention annoying, especially for us unfortunate adults who have to commute at the same time as you!

How dare you tell me I'm insignificant. I pay half the bills, buy half the food just like you &you get paid more than double what I get paid.

I am tired of your excuses of not getting a job and you sit down and watch TV all day and all night when I'd like to be intimate with you eject me

we all know you’re in love but when you’re with all of us you don’t need to be all over each other the ENTIRE time #passiveaggresivetuesday

Why do you have zero work ethic?! Stop complaining and get it done!

I understand having a few drinks is fine at concerts but all 6 of you climbing over, bumping into us to go get another drink every few minutes Is super rude- we really want to actually get to watch the concert!!!!

stop playing the victim. We all know you are a manipulative B.

stop driving in the bike lane from 27th to 22nd there are other people that have to turn right too wait your turn!

No girl snitching on everyone will not get you the higher position

I don’t have a hard time with confrontation, for some reason when I have to confront my sister about her jerk husband I have to do it over text. I have to tell her he’s a lazy POS. Even if I see her an hour later we don’t talk about it haha

look lady I know you're the boss, but none of us have all the answers. Listen to your team and stop pretending like you know everything

Just because I'm single doesn't mean I want to go on a date with you.

stop using company time to make long distance phone calls! Do your freaking job!

you don't even have that much work to do so stop stressing yourself out and get you    crap done.

to the white car on bangater last night that was being a jerk, I was driving fast cause I was taking my son to urgent care!!

you hired me promising bonuses. 6 months and I've proven myself and no bonus. I'll be looking elsewhere!!!!

sometimes it just you. That's why I am mad. You just don't understand me honey and how to talk to me. So try changing and maybe I will

so glad you are proud of your little GF for making $125000...I took care of our children so you could go to school...just saying...

if you can’t afford to put in a yard you should not have bought a half million dollar home on an acre. I hate that We have to look at that mess you got going on. Just sell already and be done.

Mom, I am 32. If my actions have consequences I will take them like the adult I am. I don't need my mom to defend me or "explain things". It was my choice.

To hubby. For the love of all things that are good. Please STOP putting your shoes on my nice WHITE comforter. I'm a donkey on the edge!!

to the drivers in front and behind us on I-15 get off your phone.

Stop sending our 5yr old to school with a nutella sandwich to eat for lunch! It's not a thing!

answer your email you d-bag. According to our court order you're supposed to respond within 2 hours. It's been 2 emails and 2 weeks.

Hey, I got you an interview at my job and you don't show up then complain about not having money

You yelled at me in front of all the customers and employees at the store, guess who's getting written up by HR? hint: it's not me so suck it!!

to all Lyft and Uber passengers. Tip you drivers!

I get it I'm not perfect but I'm so stressed out I am just tryin to survive, cut me some slack

nepotism is seriously getting old to watch. Multiple years of dedication means nothing? Think of the people that have worked for years to move up and what you are doing to their self esteem!

I dont know how tell you this , but I want a divorce.

to my brother in law, calm down. Why are you so angry at everything and everyone and then hold yourself like you’re better than everyone. You can be the biggest @-hole sometimes.

FIL I’m tired of your controlling ways and the way you treat your son and your grandkids and your wife. Your brain tumor isn’t an excuse to be an a-hole to everyone. I HATE you!

Passive aggressive rebuttal: to the judgmental person that is judging the Nutella sandwich. It''s peanut butter & Nutella. Basically the same as PB &J. Same sugar content. Don''t you feed your kids PB&J? Mind your own damn business

Don't complain about not having time to finish reports while you sit there looking at Pinterest instead of starting one.

you want to know why I''m giving you the cold shoulder? Well it''s because I don''t like you PERIOD! In fact very few of our Co workers do. Get over yourself!

hey neighbor yeah my wife and I got tattoos how does that affect your life. Stop complaining to the rest of the neighborhood about us

Dear boss, been with company over 5 years and did not get the raise to go along with my new position. How about stand up for your employees and getthem the pay that they deserve!!! I''m sure you''re making bank. #alreadylookingforsomethingelse

Stop complaining about having no money. You allow your adult daughter to live with and her "fiance" hardly pay anything and now having their 2nd baby they are adults time for them grow up. It''s time to let go..quit coddling- others can do it, why cant your daughter? She''s just lazy

stop complaining about the parking here on campus. We all know it's bad. Maybe if you weren't lazy and had an earlier class you could actually get a spot

if you invite yourself on a trip don't sponge off of everyone pay for yourself

We do NOT have assigned parking spots. Just cause your fat and lazy doesn’t mean you have to park next to the door. And don’t get pissed when someone parks there.

for as much TV you watch you need to watch HGTV. The kitchen remodel still looks 30 years old.

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