TEXT TOPIC: Confessions in Professions: Money handlers - Credit Union, Bank

Confessions in Professions: Money handlers - Credit Union, Banks and Stocks

At some point, money stops holding any value. Holding $40k in your hands to fill the ATM. Yeah... it's just paper after a while.

nobody owns stock. You have an IOU from your broker who has an IOU from cede & co. They own it all.

If a charge comes through and you want more info we just google it. We don't have more info than you do.

People are lucky I''m an honest nice person, because they forget that as a CU employee, I have access the EVERYTHING. Social, address, card numbers...Every important piece of info in their lives.

Work as a loan specialist at a financial institution. Utah residents are terrible with money. The amount of people that pay on their credit cards and let car loans and mortgages fall behind is shocking.

Company wanted us to sell "products" to every customer, even if customer repeatedly said no. Bankers would close and reopen accounts to hit sales numbers. Shady stuff. Also, fees can be reversed all the time. Managers discretion, no company policy.

worked as an auditor and used to investigate fraud for a credit union. We had an employee that hired on specifically to steal money from older peoples accounts for drugs. Well she tried to steal from a little old lady and the little old lady watched her money very carefully and we were able to catch her and recover the money. The employee was pissed she got caught.

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