TEXT TOPIC: What kind of scene did you come home to?

My mom caught me and my son having a water balloon fight inside. What? You're early...

came home early to find the two maintenance guys of our apartment complex going at it on my bed

We came home after vacation to the dog sitter not taking care of anything. dogs had gone to the bathroom in the house and we had boxes of groceries and perishable dinners all left on porch never brought in and ruined! And house just messy everywhere

Brother had come to watch dogs for a week. Came back a day early, found brother in thong sleeping on couch

When I was young, we came home from a family vacation and found our neighbor (who was bringing in mail and feeding our animals) watching tv and eating cereal. Scrambling bc he had been caught.

my husband had drug the small counter Tv and VCR into the bedroom and was watching porn. He tried to hide his "enlargement" but I could clearly see it. He said it was because he just woke up

early home from work n found niece n half doz friends hot boxing in the bedroom

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