TEXT TOPIC: What is a pet peeve you have regarding your new spouse?

my husband doesn’t brush his teeth half of the time. It’s so gross. I literally yell at him every morning and night to brush his teeth and I’m constantly telling him he has stinky breath because he doesn’t brush his teeth enough

learned husbands a major couch potato. When we were dating, we were out doing things. Realized that anytime he's at home, it was video games or tv

We didn't live together before we got married and I was shocked to see that my husband sits down to pee! Hahaha!

my husband leaves his shoes in random places and puts dirty clothes on top of hamper or on floor next to hamper

he never closed the top or bottom cabinet doors. I bruised my shins on them more than I could count

Moved in after we got married and my husband Joshua (yes I’m calling him out!) eats Nutella like his life depends on it and NEVER WASHES THE KNIFE OFF!!! It drives me bonkers!

my husband will get in bed at night and look at his phone for so long. it drives me crazy bc I''m a no phones in bed person. I feel like it disrupts my sleep. And I get so mad

Hubby poops with the door open... send help..

he goes to the bathroom with the door wide open.

It turns out that women poop. And they poop often. I never thought that that happened.

he turn the shower on, then poops, leaving the water running for 20min before getting in. Drives me nuts and leaves me w/no hot water

getting ready for the day, and my husband will come in and start popping! SO GROSS!!

lazy slob. Like shower! Pick up! Change your clothes! Ew

found out that he has an addictive personality, but he''s also very fickle. So he’ll get into a hobby blow a couple Grand & 2mo later it no longer interests him.

my spouse possibly has an addiction to her phone, pinterest mostly, and an addiction to sleep. 10 hrs plus.

didn’t live together before I got married with my wife. Afterwards found out she does laundry like a four year old boy. Needless to say she still to this day is not allowed to do my laundry and I’m a guy.

it drives me nuts when my husband has 0:05 secs on the microwave and just leaves it like that

He doesn't dry off after he showers. I always know when he's taken a shower because the bath mats are soaking wet, it drives me nuts!

he never closes the cupboard doors!! It drives me nuts! Also he loves the covers untucked and I'm totally the opposite

My husband''s apartment always had a pile of dishes in the sink and he would blame his roommate.....I believed him....once we were married I realizedthat he lied, he HATES doing dishes.

learned how my spouse brushes his teeth. He is 6 foot five and he rinses his mouth standing straight up and just lets the water flow all the way down so it splashes all over the counter all over the mirror and he rinsed like five times and I can’t stand it and he doesn’t clean up after himself unless I tell him to

the worst open mouth breather in bed and we face each other as we fall asleep. Don't have the heart to tell him its repulsive

hubby still lived at home before marriage. His mom did everything for him. His mom did everything for him. Then he expected me to do everything for him when we got married. He leave things out on the counter that need to be refrigerated. Nipped that in the bud real fast.

Hygiene! He hardly brushes his teeth and also showers about every 3rd day.

Found out hubby doesn't clean up after he clips his toenails

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