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two date nights w/ the wife. #gotfreeBrahmaBucks #goseeSEARCHING #lovedatwifeofmine

me and my husband who is the love of my life, have been separated due to his struggle with addiction. He is finally getting serious about sobriety and we are planning our first date since our split. Pro recovery!

only worked 2 days last week and had an AMAZING time at FanX Thursday thru Saturday with my sons :)

something good! Husband comes home for a month for vacation from being deployed for 6 months! Off work for 4 weeks! He couldn’t get on the plane last week so send good vibes!!!

recently got a girlfriend who I can make laugh with ease.

I have a interview on wed for a job @ kennecott that I have been after for the last 7 years .

something else good I was able to meet Tony Tuscano this weekend and he gave me advice on how to start being a critic

Went to fanx all 3 days it was awesome and long-time attendee first-time cosplayer I dressed as a Klingon

Going to Family Day at Colgate University to see our Avery. Taking her to Manhattan. Staying in Times Square and seeing Lion King!

Im starting my new job after weeks of job searching!

won a competition at work so that's taking my family and I to Disneyland this coming weekend

taking my family to Disneyland for the first time this week

get sworn in as a corrections officer on Friday!

put my house under contract to sell and I got a new house under contract

Marraige plans were for September 2019.... We pushed it to THIS SEPTEMBER 13th! Boyfriend of 5 years

back to work for the first time in a year. Left the kids with the nanny! Good to have a job, but sad to leave the babies!

on my way to have a baby right now

started my first therapy session. On the road to a happy me.

just found out Friday that I got A 3 dollar-an-hour raise starting today I'm now up to 21 an hour the most I've ever made in my life

got promoted last week!

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