TEXT TOPIC: Do you have a roommate from hell?

Sister in law said in college she woke up to her roomate having sex in the bed across the room.

My roommate kicked me out because my boyfriend would come over all the time. She told me she would call the police if he came over again.

had a roommate who no matter what smelled HORRIBLE even after a shower just a nasty scent which made it hard to sleep

maybe because I''m Latina all my roommates through they didn''t have to clean cus I would... well I started storing all my food and utensils in my closet so bitches couldn''t get to them

girl worked opposite work schedule then I did, always woke me up. 2+days would go by, no sleep, all the time. She wasn't supposed to live with us!!

had a roommate who got period blood on the carpet in the middle of the night and left it for me to step in when I woke up.

roommate didn't even give me and my buddies a chance. Didn't say more than 10 words the whole semester. Smart guy, but a jerk.

freshman year of college a roommate called me freaking out because someone started banging on her bathroom door and swinging a butcher knife under the door. It turned out to be one of our other roommates playing a "prank". She was evicted after the police came and did a full investigation

A roommate in college pulled me aside and told me he was worried about me Bc I played video games. He also used to have hymn singing time by himself in the kitchen.

had a roommate what I was younger who was a dreadful. The worst thing that she ever did is when my mom had come over for a visit she had gone into my room and grab something and came out and my roommate was having sex with her boyfriend right in the middle of the living room

Everyday was a horror story with my previous roommate. She was a functioning alcoholic, would cry over every thing and never knew how to stay out of my personal life

roommate used to wash dishes with him in the shower and would not let me watch them in the sink because it wasted water.

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