TEXT TOPIC: Do you feel like a 3rd wheel?

feel like a 3rd wheel with my Mom, brothers and sisters. They are always calling and talking to each other. They don’t call me. I don’t find out anything about anyone until get togethers.

my 2 bffs are pregnant/ just had a baby. I don't have kids. When we're all together I can't relate to what they talk about and I feel left out

was the only working mom out of the little group of friends I had. They met up during the day a lot and I knew more what was going on with each other than I did. So when we all got together I had no idea what was even going on with everyone and always felt left out

3rd wheel. Sometimes my bf teen daughter will be our 3rd wheel! She takes over our evening plans, where to eat and what we watch on TV! Drives me crazy

In the past 3 years ALL my friends have gotten married. I dont feel comfortable asking them to hang out because they have spouses now. So I just sit at home most days/weekends because I m an old maid

my husband and I deal with infertility. Our siblings all have kids we are always the outsiders who don't get invited because we don't have kids

my husband is the youngest in his family and the only one married, none of his siblings are even dating I always feel like the third wheel

been 3rd wheel to my married friends for years! I join their vacations, date nights, etc. they invite me, but still, I'm 37! I want a partner of my own.

when my spouse and I had our daughters focused so much on her we forgot about us. I would try and plan dates for us but she felt guilty leaving the kid

my sister and I were close, getting tats, hanging out, talking, ect now she decided to be LDS and her and my mom are now close and I'm left out

Me and my daughter had recently moved back into my parent's place and they're constantly inviting me to EVERYTHING, even with people I've never met.

I am the only sister out of 4 that’s not married. Im a single mom and I feel like everyone pitties me because of it. I feel out of place.

All of my siblings are married and have kids and do married with kids things together, so when we get together they are all close and I’m on the outside. So more like 7th or 9th wheel

Since my husband died, I am grateful to be the third wheel when friends invite me to do things with them because so many friends don't invite me anymore!

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