TEXT TOPIC: What did you overcome to live your dream?

Divorced 2 1/2 years and I''m pretty sure my ex thought I would live with my parents forever, instead I bought my own house I work full-time and go toschool full-time all while being a single mom to two. he never thought I would be successful without him.

addicted to OxyContin, obviously any drug addiction you have the odds stacked against you. But I'm now 8 1/2 years clean!

My high school math teach role me, "McDonalds is always hiring..." I now have a Master's degree.

battle Lupus and Rheumatoid my whole life and a near fatal car accident. I was told I would be crippled by 60(from arthritis)I went and took the riders coarse and bought me a big girl Harley that I ride almost everyday

born with aphasia it's what people have when they have a stroke. No prob, own a business with my wife&will be the first to graduate College in my fam

got pregnant young not married. But this Single mom got her degree and now is kicking ass and taking names. Became more then anyone thought I'd become

was told that I was awful of taking care of my T1 diabetes & that I would die if I kept my poor habits. I heard the doctor prepare my mom for my possible death. I''m now health & my T1 diabetes is under control. I wanna go see that doc and prove to him that I can take care of myself!

high school drop out was almost homeless 7 years ago now own my laundry service business and are in 6 states. Now make over 100k a yr

struggled with substance abuse almost my whole life. 35 now have over, I've been sober for almost 4 years. And I am the branch director

At 18, i was diagnosed with an illness that most people can''t work through. I proved the nation wrong. I work full time and have a pretty normal life. #brainpower #healthyliving

have CP and wasn't supposed to be able to do much besides walk. I live a totally normal life

After a medical issue I was given a 0.001% chance of conceiving, & IF I did was given a 99.99% chance of eptopic pregnancy. I now have 2 beautiful boys.

got my first job in a restaurant and was told that there's no way to make a career out of it, now here I am in an executive position with the same company

grew up in a single-parent home my dad left my mom when I was born grew up very poor and then withwith a stepdad that was sexually abusive to me andmy mom. I met my real dad when I was 15 and he told me I would never be anything because I was raised by a single mom. It took lots of therapy and self help but I am his only child that graduated from high school and college and has a career and a great marriage and beautiful children. Boo yah sperm doner!

my parents came here illegally. Left me to make myself legal. Rough start, didn''t work or drive until 21. Thousands of dollars later I got my permanent resident card and social security number. Now I''m running a successful company that is going on T.V

didn''t graduate from highschool or college I was told by family and friends I would really wouldn''t amount to anything without formal education ...I''m now making over $200k a year

had a professor tell me I wasn''t smart enough to do my dream job. I worked my butt off and now three years later I am doing what I love and what I had always dreamed I would be doing #SuckIt

I was pg @16, homeless & dropped out of sch. Long story short I realized no baby should be raised that way. I now make 75k with no college degree from working my ass off

my husband had 2 drug addict parents and came from bad part of Philly. His middle school vice principal said he wouldn''t amount to anything. My hubby has 3 masters degrees and is doing great things.

my childhood is honestly what intervention stories are made from. The things I went through were horrible. I''m a single mom, work full time have a college degree and I''ve never touched a drug in my life!

always struggled through high school and always wanted to go to college everybody said it would be a big waste my time I am now finishing up my twoyear degree working toward my bachelors degree they still doubt I can do it. They can all suck it!

Husband and I are celebrating 4 yrs of marriage today, together 8. He is an atheist, I''m LDS. We are happy as can be and even surprise ourselves how awesome our marriage is ha ha!

had my first daughter very young and made some poor Life Choices ended up pregnant 10 years later with my second everyone thought it was going to bea failure of a mom and get this baby taken away like I did my first now I have both my kids have a very structured happy life for both of them and I am proud of myself and I didn''t do it to prove to anyone anything I did it for my kids and myself

das a drunk and druggie aunts and uncles said I''d be just like him I join the military travel the world now I''m in college getting my education degree take that

My stepmom said I would graduate and be pregnant at 15. I graduated high school with a 3.5 and didn't have kids until I was 24 with my husband

had my first daughter really young and made some poor Life Choices got her taken away from me and didn''t see her for a long time 10 years later I gotpregnant with my second everyone thought I was going to get her taken away but now I have custody of both my children and they are both living a happy structured life and I didn''t do it to prove anything to anyone I did it for myself and my children and I am damn proud of it

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