TEXT TOPIC: Did your significant other's family not accept you?

never been accepted my hubbys family. I have a large vocabulary and they thought I talked down to them, it's just the way I talk to everyone.

Was not accepted because I was not from the same religion. Also because I already had a child.

My sisters-in-law Hate, capitol H, me. Brother in law said "as long as THAT woman (me) is in his life (my husband)" they want NOTHING to do with us!Except to turn my children against me with their hatred. It''s been a nightmare. I''m crying.

my ex''s fam hated me because they found out I was born in Mexico. They refused to invite us places and when we were forced to see each other for Xmas they never got our kids anything

Two of my children live with my sister in law as adult children. She has told them personal things about me that have influenced my children to not want anything to do with me. Stuff she had no business telling my children. It breaks my heart. also she gives them money. It's disappointing that my children are not more strong and kind. I raised them better than they are acting.

wife's fam is wealthy. Mine is far from it. My wife's sibs think they are better then all and know all #bunch of a –holes

my in laws hated me because I'm 16 years younger than my spouse. They love me now but it took 2 years

girlfriends family won't accept her decisions or associate with me because I'm not Mormon. Still very judgmental people

my boyfriend first met my parents in a bar. My dad was pissed he was wearing a suit. He'd just come from work. Nearly 3 years later, they're best buds.

been married almost 23 years and hubs family still refers to me as "your wife" ?

husband and I dated for five years before getting married. Family is rich and think they are better than everyone.

been with husband for 5 years. Mother in law won''t talk to me unless necessary because I took her "baby away'' extended family also don''t talk to me for similar reasons

I was not accepted by my Fiance''s father. He would tell her I would not succeed and I''m lazy because I was Native American. He make her go on dates with "successful" men. Unfortunately, that relationship ended. I still love her.

Wife and I are Mormon, in laws are ex-Mormon. Completely shutus out, didn t come to wedding, didn t give us a wedding present. Still won''t really have anything to do with us 2 years later.

wasn''t accepted into my Hubby''s family because his mom wanted him to continue to pay her bills and be there only got him and when I care into the picture he turned some attention to me. Now she doesn''t even talk to us or see her grandkids.

Upon meeting my in-laws his mom would never look me in the face(ever) and his dad looked at me and said"least she''s pretty". Theystay with his ex when they come to town

My husband''s family didn''t accept me our whole marriage cause I was LDS. Now that he passed they still hate me cause they think I was the reason he died. He died cause of a genetic disorder.

my MIL would introduce me as my husbands friend for years after we were married! It's been 16 yrs and we are now on good terms

Went to spend Thanksgiving w/bf's family to meet them. Completely ignored. Dad took him "shopping" to talk. He broke up w/me. Im black

Fine as friend til she came out and we announced engagement. It was rough some ppl missed the wedding even. things are good and they came after sons birth

I was 30 my significant other was 47 got pregnant with his first born. NOT welcomed due to he was the SAME age as my parents! 25yrs later still 2gether! Parents are not.

not me but my husband. Family thought he wasn''t good enough for me. Still don''t like him. My dad even makes up stories and tells me to start fights between us. We moving to Colorado in a year anyway

I''ve been with my boyfriend for nearly 3 years. His mom just barely started considering me a part of the family. She wouldn''t tell anyone her son lived with me or that we''re buying a house while not married

My fam loves my hubs! His fam has called me every name in the book strictly cause I''m LDS. I''ve never brought it up. Still rude. I''m just nice and ignore when they bring up religion. #couldntcareless.

not accepted into his family for the soul reason that he & I spent TOO much time together They went as far as trying to break us up 5.5 yrs later were good

my husband family blamed me for not getting married in the temple, his drug use, & their daughter getting pregnant at 16. Divorcing him was a gift.

I was accepted UNTIL we got engaged. Then everything changed. I've had children and she acts like #1gma but still hates me.

been together 12 years my mother in law hates anyone that has been with my husband. She keeps trying to get him to leave me and move in with her She is so evil. Still horrible.

In-laws hate me. My wife went to jail for slapping me because the neighbor called. Her parents hate me and think it was my fault. Shunned. :(

my mother in law is "fat-ist" I'm chubby and that's awful to her.

My mother in law is LDS and wanted a LDS girl for him to marry. She said " you''re not what I wanted for my son". Now 15 yrs later we are very closeand she has apologized

mom wanted bro to marry an Asian woman. According to her, they make the best wives. Mom still jabs at sisinlaw about not feeding son enough

I'm Polynesian and my ex husbands family could not accept the fact that i was not white like them

I married Mexican. Parents didn't want to meet him until a wk b4 wedding. He's catholic I'm LDS. Tmr is 5 yr ann. They LOVE HIM

When I started dating my wife her parents found out I was mormon and did not accept me we just celebrated our 19th year together Monday and the parents now say they love me and vacation with us.

Wife's mom hated me because it took me longer than two months to ask her to marry me use to say it was never going to happen been married six years now

I'm the Beotch of the fam, because we are successful, we both work full time, and not living off the state! Jealousy!!!!!!!

I'm the one that doesn't accept people into my family only because my siblings are idiots & are blinded by love.

Ex-wife's family hated me because I wasn't military. After I joined it didn't matter until I made Staff Sergeant, then I was accepted. We were together 16y.

my wife isnt accepted into my family because of her criminal record . The only people who talk to my wife is my mom , sister and 1 brother . My dad and step mom says my wife kidnapped me and my son all the way from NC and she was in Utah when I got on the plane

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