TEXT TOPIC: Who's the person in the family that shared something private?

Who's the person in the family that shared something private with you and you wish they wouldn't have?

Secret my little sister shared: she was about 25 at the time, only had one child and Had ''older lady surgery'' on her downstairs.....told me in text message, pictures included!!!! No warning.

my wife's mom. Shared her affair with her while she was on her mission. Affair finally came out a couple months ago after going 8+ yrs

My mom- she told me that 25 years ago she slept with my uncle (my dad's brother) It's not that I'm judging them, but I just didn't want to know that

my cousin told me about the checkout girl he was having an emotional affair with

My sister told me she was an anti vaxxer. Never looked at her the same again. Luckily she doesn't have any kids yet.

ma told me that she used a old Cain at her parents. She used it for "herself" as a kid. Told Me as I was holding it at gpas house

my dad told me he was going to divorce my mom 3 days before he even told her. I was 17 years old and had three younger siblings! I will secretly never forgive him for making me carry that from my mom.

my dad told me all about my moms cheating scandals before they got divorced. As if going through that wasnt hard enough...

my brother told me he's been sleeping with his wife's BF for years. And they just had their 20th anniversary. I could shoot him - cause now I can't look

my dad told me that he’s 99% sure he’s not my dad. I''m almost 40, why do I need to know this now. Made me rethink everything I thought I knew about my life. Devastating!

Married sibling told me they were swingers. And I met one of their "adventures". That girl fell in love with him. #duh

mom told me the only reason she married my dad was to stay in the country. No parent should EVER tell their child that. My poor dad.

my mom told me that she had planned to kill herself and my sisters on several occasions while we were growing up. Plans considered on drowning us in the bath tub to a intentional car accident. She only didn’t because she was afraid she’d fail.

my mom would tell me when she started cheating on my dad before they got a divorce and she didn't think anything of IT

My sister-in-law Dropped a Bomb on Me letting me know my estranged father would be heading to prison for embezzlement soon. After doing so, she swore me to secrecy and I couldn’t tell anyone, even my best friend or other sibling.

my cousin told me he was addicted to pain meds, pot and Xanax. I tried to help him but within a few days of telling me and ONLY ME. He accidentally overdosed and died in his sleep. Aside from a broken heart I had the heavy job of telling his family so they would understand.

My brother had an affair in my newly remodeled bathroom. Thanks, I'll never look at that sink the same ever again.

my parents have been divorced for pretty much my whole life. When I was having issues with my own marriage, my mom told me her biggest regret was divorcing my dad.

my mom told me when I was really little our dog went missing and she found out my sick twisted dad that she is now divorced and he has been in and out of jail my whole life poured grease all over her to kill her and then hit her so my mom went find her and made it look like she ran away by putting her collar on the link outside and just threw it on the lawn like she had ran away don’t have a close relationship with my dad probably never will he’s done a lot of sick and twisted things my whole life

divorced mom told me at 16 that my gpa in dads side wasn't actually my gpa

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