TEXT TOPIC: What are you struggling with right now?

managing time between online gamer friends and trying to maintain my own Twitch/YouTube gaming streams. Seems silly.

sister cheated, left husband and kids, blames fam for her problems, won t talk to any of us

my wife. I want to Be more physical like when we were dating. Got married, now it's minimal. She just sees it as a chore. Im the instigator of sex

I'm struggling getting pregnant working with doctors already but I hate when people keep asking about it

I am pregnant with my first and I am struggling with making sure that my baby is healthy. I''m scared that my doctor will tell me that something is wrong with my baby. My first app. is in a week and I''m so nervous that there might be something wrong. Tryin to be positive but I just want a healthy baby.

quit my old job & I regret it. Now dealing w/ more depression & I just want my old life back.

I am struggling with the thought of my husband being deployed in 2020. I don't want to be alone and now we are waiting to have kids until he gets back.

struggling finding a decent man

I'm struggling with everything. Getting out of bed is hard, Eating is hard, Sleeping is hard. Life is harder now than ever b4 and I have no idea how to deal

I''m struggling to have a baby. Miscarriages and ectopic a couple weeks ago and lost a tube. I wonder if it''s the universe trying to tell me I''m incapable/unworthy :(

I''m struggling w/family. My kids pretty much dont have any grandparents even though I have family here.They stick to my stepmother shes psycho n sick in the head

im a nurse of a few yrs & recent struggle w/ anxiety & depression. Its much easier being on the clinical side vs. patient side. I was feeling angry/sad/frustrated for no reason. Got help from my Dr & starting to feel like myself again. Want to get into therapy but takes a long time to get in

Struggling with unexplained infertility. After 7 yrs & 3 failed IVF cycles...still no answers, husband is done & I'm not.

just started at UVU full time and work full time. I dont know how people do this, i'm struggling so bad already

have been struggling w/my ex. We split 1 mo ago but he is trying to find somewhere to go. Don't think he's going to leave! The struggle is real!

husband's hoarding problem

Patience. I'm a single mom so patience with my daughter and patience waiting for the right person to walk in my life.

hate my job but it is hard to leave because the pay is so good

Not having close friends

my dad left when I was 2 got remarried then left his other two girls... now wants to be in my daughters life... do we let him in?????

30 years old and still can't make friends. What is wrong with me?

recently married in May. Struggling with trying to figure out this married life thing. It is a lot harder then i thought it was going to be.

struggling with adjusting to my boyfriend living with me. I love it but he's having a hard time. He acts different and seems unhappy :(

struggle with patience in regards to being a parent everyday. I truly don't think I was meant to parent a child.

Struggling with working 80 hours a week, a two year old, and a two week old needing a lot of attention. Also doing a Masters online. NEED SLEEP

family. Grief of a loved one. It has split the family apart. My mom and sister were the two closest people to me until the drama and he death went down. I can’t get on the same page as them and it tears me up every day. But something is preventing me from making amends and giving in.

Lost the passion for my Job! Very loyal to the company for over 20 years. They have become family. Make over $250k per year. Seriously not sure ifI can do it another freaking day!

I am a young father to a 1 year old little girl. My wife has been battling cancer for a year and a half. She gets admitted to the hospital in 2 weeks for bone marrow transplant. I’m terrified. The struggle is real.

My ex and I recently broke up and we live together until our lease is up which is 5-6 months

struggling to figure when should I fight for someone or give up and move on

struggling with a son has a huge drug addiction and homeless. Tearing my family apart!

Fed up with my ex-wife's constant drama. There's ALWAYS something that comes up in her personal life from family to dating life.

So much. My kids are in wheelchairs having to figure out how to pay for a wheelchair vehicle. And nobody knows how to help my kids. It's so hard

trying to find a good woman, I'm no model, but def good guy.....ish....lol

Being a single mom. And fighting with her dads side non stop, cops, them drinking and selling drugs It''s so hard i have such bad anxiety everytimewhenever they contact me

my ex is trying to ruin my life. Single mom of 6 work full time, going to school, a child on chemo. ZERO family. My ex is taking me back to court to pay less child support so now I have to somehow pay for an attorney

Started drinking heavily 7 yrs ago. Struggling to stop or even cut back. It weighs on my mind, heart, & body overall.

Tried to help a grown woman with a room for rent in my home for $150/mo, now going thru court to evict her and she is evil! I''m a widow with three young kids!

Struggling to find a way to pay for in vitro

we just had a miscarriage last Thursday and trying to grieve with the lost of our first pregnancy.

battle with the thought of suicide pretty much every day and no one knows.

Lost my dad 25 yrs ago tomorrow, losing my mom anytime.

Parenting a 16 yr old girl. I feel like i am always doing it wrong

struggling with eating. My husband passed away and I just don't want to eat

major depressive disorder


struggle with money. I make great money but blow it on crap! I don't know how to stop it ducks.

struggling with dealing with adult bullies. All 30 plus it's just sad and rude and other people are dealing with their hate towards me because they know me

with the stepmother post. My husband and I haven't been on a date in months

husband of 16 yr suicide 2 mth ago struggle evryday to get out bed go work hold tears back

For the life of me I cannot make it on time to work everyday, whether it''s 5 minutes late or 2 hours. The problem is I get up at the same time everyday an hour before work so I have plenty of time but just sit in bed or in the kitchen and won''t leave.

I am married/ seperated and love 2 people. It is tearing me apart having to choose even if the choice is not totally mine to make.

struggling with finding a Job that pays well and that I enjoy. Hard with no college degree. #38andlost.

My family is struggling with my divorce and having a hard time letting me heal when they are still healing themselves. Also, they want nothing to dowith someone i am seeing now. It is creating horrible distance between us.

struggling with not quitting my job. Worked here almost 18 years finally got position I wanted but it sucks. #areamanagerblues

I'm in my 30's, 4 kids, and cancer in 5 locations in my body. I feel like I'm losing the motivation I had to fight it. It's heavy.

struggling with life in general. Money, kids, work, dead beat parents, mental health.

I'm struggling big time with my job- where Ive been for the last 19 years. Time for a change, but I'm stuck. Can't afford a pay cut right now.

struggling balancing work like with home life I have 3 kids 1 has adhd he's on meds 1 with learning disability and a 2 year old sometimes I just run away

Bad choices led to criminal charges and 10 days in jail. This was 4 years ago. My kids totally love and support me. We have grown so much together.The inlaws still embarrassed by me are trying constantly to undermine my marriage. I have boundaries with no contact for myself. My husband chooses themconstantly over me and the kids.

the struggle is having an extremely needy partner running our own business and having time for the kids

my (now ex) boyfriend destroyed about 1500 dollars worth of my belongings. I broke up with him and filled out a police report. I struggled filling that out because I was embarrassed, and I probably won''t get that money back.

I've always struggled with my weight. I got down to a size that felt comfortable. Then I got pregnant. Now I struggle to even look at myself in the mirror.

I'm struggling being in love with another man and being married ... I feel horrible , but I miss the other man knowing he's not good for me

struggling with just getting out of bed in the morning I''ve struggled with divorce Financial issues and fertility and now my teenager is having issues and he already has autism and I just can''t take anymore

I was a substance abuse counselor for six years, but made very little money. So I went to work for a software company this past year making double what I used to make. I miss being a counselor so much, but can''t afford to go back. The struggle is real

New house, new town, new job, baby will be here in 3 months

I''m really struggling with personal motivation. Physical motivation, mental motivation, spiritual motivation. It''s all lead to me wanting to binge watch Netflix.

had baby #3 in June , beside from the obvious loosing the baby weight I have to admit that I''m struggling with adjusting to 3 kids and being a goodstay at home mom/housewife.

struggling with: husband''s personality change since car crash; my youngest kids starting school; building a career after 10 years of being a stay athome mom.

My oldest going to kindergarten. I have cried every, single, day.

The problem is I get up at the same time everyday an hour before work so I have plenty of time but just sit in bed or in the kitchen and won''t leave so I end up being late.

My parents. They have always been emotionally unavailable and the older I get the more hurtful it is.

seperated from my husband (who cheated multiple times) moved back to SLC. He now lives thousands of miles away and my kids are having trouble adjusting. Many mood swings and fits. I don''t know how to help them.

I'm having trouble with immigration problem cuz of trump could face deportation I'm 28 and with 3 small kids plus having financial problems

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