Kingslee Donates a Kidney

My son Kingslee is helping Jason Anderson by giving him one of his healthy kidneys this September. Jason has suffered from kidney failure for 18 years, has been on dialysis for 4 years as well as the donor waiting list but hasn't had any luck. Kingslee works with Jason's wife Monica and overheard her talking about Jason's condition and their struggles to get help. My son felt moved to help another in need and enlisted himself to be put through the various tests and paper work to see if he is a match. It is green lights all the way through. Both he and his wife Brittany will be off work or utilizing FMLA to assist the Anderson family. This is a fundraiser to help keep them both afloat and help pay for medical expenses while Brittany cares for Kingslee and Kingslee focuses on recovery so that he can get back to providing for his family. Thank you for your donation and if you would like to help the Anderson family with their medical expenses too their Gofundme is called "Help for Jason"

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