TEXT TOPIC: What is your passive aggressive text?

if you go on a trip take money don't sponge off of others

people in layton the right turn only lane to get on south bound i15 on the stupid thru u turn on hill field, is just that right turn only DONT MERGE LEFT

my husband, your EX husband is NOT REQUIRED TO TAKE CARE OF U! WOMAN UP!!!

To Cassidy! Stop always trying to one up me to Dad! You brown noser!! And don t go to the cabin and use my shiz and then tell me we re out and need to replace it!!! Uhhhhh sisters!!!

Hey high school girls + moms, it's homecoming, OF COURSE our dress store is busy, stop effing complaining!

To my crew stop asking for a raise and more hours when you can't show up to the shifts I give you

I know you''re saying you''re ready for us to live together. But remember you got cold feet a year ago when we were supposed to get married? Please understand why I am hesitant when you ask me to move in.

I know you''re saying you''re ready for us to live together. But remember you got cold feet a year ago when we were supposed to get married? Please understand why I am hesitant when you ask me to move in.

Our justice system is corrupt. Drug addict father, dips in and out of kids life, no consequences. I'm sure anyone could name the dad loving commissioner

stop making me feel guilty for not having money if it were my choice I wouldn't work at all and let you support all of us

just because you think your good in bed doesn't mean that every girl is going to want you. Grow up.

Don't call me fat. Yes I gained weight but I am aware and I hate it.

Communication and compromise is part of a marriage and parenting... So please grow up and start acting like an adult!!

here is a reason I work with headphones in. I am around and I don't have time to talk. #shutyourD@#%mouth

you won't all this work done, hire someone I can have work under me. After all I'm a supervisor.

Want things to change, change you. #momisaIdiot #dontblam,blamyourself #growupyouare50

Wow!! You back in town after 1 year said you don’t need your family, I guess you can’t leave too long without milking your mom’s energy, oh my short peace of mind, woozaaaaahhhh!!!!

So sorry you were so sick thurs and Friday that you couldn't work but damn your post of salsa making was great

you promised me a raise MONTHS ago!! I’m doing all the extra work of a supervisor and I work my ass off unnecessarily. GIVE ME MY DAMN RAISE YOU FAT LAZY POS

Dear SIL, You've been married for 2 yrs and still don't live on your own. Grow the f. up!

it wouldn’t hurt you put your own dishes in the sink like everybody else you’re almost 16 you’re walking by the sink as you go out the camper it’s literally for feet ugh lazy princess

to my boss: I’m really not as dumb as you put me out to be. I’m tired of you trying to make me feel like I’m the worst employee. I’ve worked here longer than anybody else and Just because I don’t feel the need to sit in your office and gossip like the rest of them. Have some respect and get a grip you’re about to loose an employee.

You are a horrible mother. Why don’t you try and put your kids first for once.

don’t play favorites with your grandchildren all because mine isn’t biologically yours . He loves you just as much as they do and you don’t care to see him

initially u broke up w/me out of the blue & u said u needed time to urself over text. Be a man and give me closure, I know u cheated. Just admit it.

Attention shoppers! Stop invading others'' personal space. Stop hovering and stop reaching your damn hands in front of people to grab something. Try saying "excuse me" like someone with manners would do. Also, get the hell out of the aisle if you’re going to socialize!

Yes he cheated on you! That sucks, but after years of emotional abuse, withholding sex, disrespect and emasculation what did you expect! Stop playing the victim and treat your man like you love him

I'm tired of being treated like shiz by you like I'm less experienced and just because you don't have any kids doesn't make you entitled to be a bitch

Here in Tucson taking care of sis who had surgery. Tucson Family know I'm here. No one has called to say hello nor check up on Sis. they suck!

PSA: stop using social media as your passive aggressive platform. That's what Tuesdays are for people!

ppl don't say he/she is good looking, smart, etc for an older lady, Asian man, blonde, etc. You are perpetuating stereotypes & being a bigot

hate my kids all you want at least we r open about our imperfections unlike your sweet lying lil princess

Husband. I love u. But seriously if I have to hear about your magic tricks & more time I’m shoving that cube up your butt

hey idiot on I15 this morning cover your effing gravel load thanks 2 U I have 2 new rock chips & im sure paint damage!!

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