TEXT TOPIC: What inappropriate thing did your dad or grandpa say?

my grandpa still keeps calling black people the N word... the worst time was when we were walking through Compton and he almost got us killed

At the store my son wanted some watermelon, my dad then said in a horrible southern accent and very loudly, "would you like somefried chicken with that watermelon"

When I was breastfeeding my baby, my father in law walked into the room and said "you got that baby on your teet? He sure likes the teets. Mama''s got the teets." Oh my gosh. Ok. Stop saying teet.

whenever my dad and I go shopping and he sees a family with a lot of kids he will slip condoms in their cart when they aren't looking.

I was backing out of my driveway with my girlfriend and my Dad pulled his pants down and mooned us. He’s never done anything like that before nor anytime after that. I wound up marrying that girl and we’ve been married for 31 years!

years ago at a family reunion my sister showed up with her niece and my non-quiet grandpa said, "Helen, when did that black baby get here?"

gpas story about my aunt on her bday. God told him he needed to have another kid. So he didn't pull out while having sex. Ha no joke

My dad still uses the expression " pussy foot around"

dad is just an idiot when it comes to correctness. I'm not gay. But fag is not ok.

took my 70 yr old father to Grizzlies game... "that black dude is in wrong sport ''

My father is divorced, shortly after my wife & i got married he proceeded to talk about how his manhood is broken and doesn't work, so no point in dating

My grandpa was in the hospital and we went to visit him. The nurse asked us to exit the room so he could use the portable urinal. We stood behind the curtain and we heard her ask if he needed any help. He then said "no, I’ve got it". Then after a little pause he said "Wait! Why am I turning down an offer?!" Lol! GRANDPA!!!

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