TEXT TOPIC: What do you do and what do you make?

What do you do and what do you make? Do you think you are overpaid, underpaid or paid just right?

software 105k

Boutique manager, $16 hour

service plumber and made $116k last year and for what I do dealing with everyone crap! Litterally!

Accounting Manager $100,000/yr. I think I'm overpaid for what I do. However, they don't pay me for what I do. They pay me for what I CAN do if needed.

self employed lawn care, no employess, DO NOT WORK IN THE WINTER 70ish k a year

almost 50k a year 100% disabled through the VA veterans affairs

Medical Technologist making $33 hour. Finally feeling like my experience and education is recognized at my current job. Glad I switched companies.

gm for a local restaurant. 40k year. Underpaid for what I do.

figure skating coach with no degree and I make $60/hr. Dream job.

149k IT

behavior specialist at elementary school 15 hour

Auto glass tech $27 an hour kinda over paid lol

Loan officer at $18.75 pet hour. Fair pay.

traffic control construction 23$ hour literally do next to nothing all day 14 hour days. Prob overpaid.

Fuel delivery driver 80k. About right

truck driver and I haul Petroleum products and I make 90k a year

security guard/ emt paid 16 bucks an hour to sit and watch Netflix for 13 hours 3 days a week. Probably overpaid lol

I'm a mail carrier for USPS. They work you like a pack mule. No time off I make 16.78/hr. Fair pay. Not fair hours

Physical Therapist Assistant for an outpatient clinic. Only an associates degree and I make $48,000

I'm an accountant and make $85k a year and/or $40 a hour

Medical assistant only make 15** bucks an hour is garbage

make 65000 a year as a service technician cleaning porta potties

I''m a substitute teacher for the Jordan School district and I''m so under paid. I''ll never be rich with money but I''m rich in life. I''ve been happilymarried to a wonderful man for 25 years and have 4 healthy, wonderful kids!! Love you Jess and Frankie and Kylie and Wayne.

Automatic Gate Operator Installer. $24/hour

computer tech 45 an hour

Medical assistant only make 50 bucks an hour is garbage

I'm a nurse practitioner. I'm waaaaay underpaid. 83k salary yearly. A dr doing the same damn thing would make at least double

Head swim coach for a city and high school. Take home 44k... leave about 10k on the table because I work 50+ hours..

Data entry 40,000/year

work at Walmart for a high school job and I make $12.24 an hour. I think I'm paid fairly, I deal with a lot of crazy people.

Account management 91k a year

newspaper carrier underpaid. 08 cents per paper but I pay $2.00 every time a customer complains and high gas prices make it not worth it

have a masters degree. Work for the LDS church and make 39K they don't pay shiz

High school drop out making $78 an hour mowing lawns. Wut wut!!!

I'm a female welder supervisor I only make 15hr very underpaid

IT in Draper and make 110k per year including stock and bonus.

Inventory specialist. $16

I'm a female 41 yr old retail manager. I make $68,500 + bonuses a year.

Construction superintendent for bridge overlay 100000 +

commercial construction senior p.m. 125k

Social worker. With my two jobs I make 95k. The key with making money in my profession is double dipping

print t-shirts, 28 years 10$ an hour, work for brother=

HR Business Partner $85,000 yr

retail manager in a cosmetic line, $115k

executive assistant $73k

In IT and make $100K

business analyst making 87k

small box store manager $57,000

work at eBay and making 16.00$ and hour

tanker driver between 60-90k depending on how busy

Accounts Receivable- 85k... I hope they don't realize the position elsewhere would pay 45k!

medical claims negotiator. I make $110K a year, great benefits and flexibility

optician $16 an hour

Mortgage Processor & I make $14/hr.

eBay making 16.00$ -fair

work with autistic children around the valley & make $17hr- fair

garbage man 60k still isnt enough

Own a pest control company 80k

live in Utah but work in the porn industry in Wyoming making 150k per year working 3 days a week. Living the dream.

social worker for DCFS and make 15.81 an hour. I'm very under paid

Secretary. Pull down $67k a year. I'm overpaid, but not complaining.

Pharma Sales $105k base. Not overpaid.

Route driver for a linen and uniform company and I make six figures... way overpaid—shh!!!!

heavy equipment operator 26.00 hr just right wage

heavy equipment operator I make $33/ hour

Commercial Property Manager $63k underpaid

I''m a driver for a big uniform service company. I make about 60k to 70k a year. Wayyyy underpaid for everything i do. 50 hours a week. My customers love me but dislike the company

med assistant for a residential rehab and I only make 30,000 a year. Yeah not a lot of money to make in this field but it's fulfilling work

I am a chemist for a local Essential Oils company and make 46,000. A bit underpaid for the work load

women's health nurse practitioner, I make $44/hr

auto body tech. VERY underpaid.. especially when your there 40+hrs a week and get paid only by the job you literally can get paid for 10hrs

shop painter $17 hr fair pay

was paid fairly, but job was eliminated. New job, same company, same pay. They don't fully use my skill set, now overpaid

Correctional Officer at the Jail. $21.00 hr

Home Health Nurse,$48 per hour

receptionist. I make $14/hr. Some days i definitely feel overpaid, like when i sit and read my book at my desk most of the day

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