TEXT TOPIC: What do you regret saying to someone who passed away?

When I was 12 my mom killed herself and the night before I told her I hated her and didn't love her for years I thought it was my fault.

when I 15 I told my mom I hated her, because I got in trouble for bad grades. She passed away from pneumonia the next day

Kid at Jr high was a kleptomaniac, lair, pothead, all around shady kid. He stole pants from my BF one time. Pants..really? I said the world would better w/o him to some friends. He killed himself. I’ve regretted that statement since. :( Be kind people!!

Girlfriend told her brother in law who was on oxygen. That the concentrator makes too much noise. She complain she couldn't sleep. He told her he needs to He needs to use an oxygen concentrator..breathing unit. He died 2 was later. She recently found a lump in breast. KARMA?

told my best guy friend he was a pathetic a-hole for trying to sleep with me(I'm married)we stopped talking and he passed away

The last thing I said to my mother in-law was that her kids didn''t believe her (regarding chronic health problems). She hung up on me when I said that. She died 6 months later.

my boyfriend said I regret having a baby with you and she was stillborn at 39 weeks

My sister was really sick and so was my dad. My sister was being a brat and I said "I would rather lose my sister than my dad." She passed away a couple of months later. I will never forgive myself.

step son got in a fight with his dad & told him he hates him and how he never see him again. He was killed in a motorcycle wreck later that day. He fights it daily inside

My grandfather battled lung cancer on and off for a few years. My grandmother told everyone in the family he was faking it. A month later he died from the cancer spreading throughout his entire body.

mom's best friend was arguing with her daughter and yelling at her to get out of her face and go to her room. Daughter collapsed upstairs and suddenly died

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