TEXT TOPIC: Do you have a "Cheat House" ?

I quit smoking cigarettes years ago, but whenever my and my husband fight I call my cousin go to her house and have a cig.

Cheat house? Yes, it's called my moms house

don't drink unless I'm at my buddies house out of town. Then we get trashed and go hunting the next day. Wife has no idea.

coworkers that are LDS and don't drink alcohol. Will drink at work gatherings and during lunches. Some time even at work #what

Cabin in Bear Lake. Just like Vegas, what happens at the cabin stays at the cabin. Alcohol, girls, anything is possible.

our house is the house where the missionaries can play vid games, poker, listen to music.

growing up my parents would never let me eat candy, my best friend had a cupboard dedicated just to sweets. They wondered why I was gone from mornin to nite

My brothers house! His co-workers come after work for "adult beverages" ... the co-workers are LDS and don't want their wives to know they are drinking!!!

ours is the booze house, bar always stocked! Wine and beer!

have a small vacation house in cedar city. When we go to cedar, we never cook because we go out all the time, we never wake up early, and we never go to church. It is totally a cheat house. Hey... no one knows us there because we are only "weekenders". We can do whatever we want. What happens in Cedar.... :)

there's a reason I am the FAVORITE aunt. My house has enough candy for the nieces and nephews that would make a dentist cringe #sorrynotsorry

my parents house, they has a soft serve ice cream machine and a soda machine. Unlimited ice cream and soda is very dangerous.

my gfs hide their purchases at my house so their husbands don't see them

My parents live in my basement apartment so my daughter loves to go downstairs to their kitchen & get chips, cookies, muffins, sugar sugar sugar

Our nieces and nephews aren't allowed to play video games at their houses so they beg to come to ours. But we don't have kids....and hate babysitting!

I’m the cheat person. Whenever people are around me I get them to do everything they aren''t supposed to

used to work for distribution chocolate company local & Swiss chocolate, i always gets lots of sample chocolates brand name like Toblerones, I have small cousins that always begs their parents to come to my parents house to get free chocolates almost every weekend no matter 2 hrs commute they will come.

My patents house, all my younger sister's LDS friends used to come over during the summer drink pop and wear her bikinis during the summer.

My Dad keep so much candy

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