TEXT TOPIC: Who's the person in the family that is in your "Ear" ?

Same as miss X. She is better now, took some straight up talk to her to stop-She would say the worst stuff about my wife. Mom thought she came first. Showed her that that's not so

my grandma is in my ear about things that she sees on TV. She says things like saw this on TV and then makes sure my fam does not do that. Her last rant was about how the moon was hollow and the history channel said it was true.

prego with 1st. Mom keeps texting & telling me how excited she is to witness the birth. I told her it's just me and hubs. Doesn't listen

my mom is constantly telling me to go to the singles ward to find a husband. STFU MOM!

it’s my girlfriend that’s in my ear all of the time. She wants me to get a wedding ring so bad that it is driving me farther away more than pushing me to get one

My late Grandma. But it was positive. Always encouraging me about school, my wife, religion, and be a man. I miss her.

my mom is very lds and I'm not. So she doesn't approve of anyone I date and will bad talk in front if them. I dont introduce anyone anymore.

My mom always sending me links/articles about new careers or ways to make money. Just started new career as esthetician, still notgood enough

My mom. Says The way that I'm doing marriage isn't the way marriage is done. Now that I have a child, I'm not feeding, bathing or holding her enough.

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