TEXT TOPIC: Who wasn't invited to the funeral and why?

My brother's funeral. We banned his estranged wife and her entire family. They are all druggies and absolutely crazy! We blame wife for his demise

wasn’t allowed at the funeral. Ex husband wouldn’t let me attend his mothers funeral. She was my mom too for 10 years

my great aunt told her drag queen nephew he wouldn't be welcome at his gmas funeral if he was in drag.

my sisters stupid jerk scumbag low life boyfriend was not allowed at her funeral because he’s the one that dealt her the drugs that took her life. But he still showed up! It got ugly

when my aunt passed away she refused to let her husband at the funeral, so my uncle wasn’t allowed to come to the funeral, but we were all fine with that we weren’t even sure why they were still together she had made it well known not to let him to come to the funeral at all before she passed away of cancer

.that was me! I was not allowed at a guy that was "hanging out" with- funeral. His ex-girlfriend didn''t want me there

cousin was not allowed at Grandma's recent funeral. She is trouble and drama & Her kids were there who she hasn't seen in over 10 years.

Mormon funeral for father in law that passed away from cancer. Ex brother in law (nieces'' dad) and the now girlfriend were not allowed to go to the funeral. The father wanted to ex son in law to speak at the funeral, but the daughter banned him because they wouldn’t let her girlfriend be thereat the wedding. This funeral reaffirmed why I just want to be cremated. Funerals can bring out the ugly in a family!

1of my brothers was not invited 2funeral for both oldest and 2nd oldest brother. 1st time his wife called priest &said he shouldn’t get a funeral since he was alcoholic & this brother picked up his ashes & wouldn’t give them 2 mom. So he was not invited 2 that funeral or when my other bro died.

when my husband committed suicide, his family blamed me and tried to have me legally restrained from his funeral

we banned my brother in laws supposed fianc from his funeral because she knew he was dying and didn't help

friends wife died, they were separated, she lived with the bf and died at the bf house , bf wasn’t invited, he showed up and husband went ballistic and hit the bf and told him to leave. Needless to say bf left

my MIL law passed and her kids advised their father, her ex husband, they didn't want him there.

the drug dealer who got my cousin high the night she died showed up with a security team. #looser

my uncle came to his Dads viewing drunk. grandma told him if he's drunk in the morning, to not come at all. He never showed.

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