TEXT TOPIC: What is your passive aggressive text?

your supposed sober boyfriend just traded one addiction for another emotional affairs w girls in other states.

you already have trust issues and you have no clue what he's doing behind your back.

Pathetic. If you only lived the life you portray on Facebook. You are an awful father and nasty person. You don't care about your children just the image.

SLOW DOWN AND MOVE OVER!!! That Trooper that you almost hit... the one that was helping change a tire was my husband, a father of four. Please, be more cautious!

I love being a teacher, I just hate the beauracratic bs

Just because you are a "nurse" doesn't mean you know everything. As a mom, I think I know my Kid better than you.


Yo, I am learning the new job. Get off my d about getting to everything. I will get it done.

Dear fellow drivers... Stop blocking the freaking intersection!! If you'd wait for your dang turn we'd all keep traffic flowing!!

when are you going to realize she is toxic for you and you are toxic to each other. She put you and your child at risk. You are crazy to go back to that. I had to be done is your fall back girl.

Thanks court system 7 days of jury duty is too much.

Maybe you'd have more friends if you'd stop screaming in their faces!

you threaten to kill me when I''m not even around all because your son is finally happy and it''s NOT because of you? Cut the cord you stupid B and accept the fact you''re a psycho who will be alone forever because you've ruined all relationships with the family.

I finally got a motor cart, my ankle is still jacked and in a boot. I wish jerks at the groc store wouldn't give me judgy stares

Mom stop hating on my daughter wearing her Halloween jams. We like Halloween. #getoffmyd

Do something!!! You come in 4 hours after me , I get everything for all the patients while you sit there in the hall on Netflix.

you were hired to do a job so do it don't come to work to get paid to do absolutely nothing.

that’s fine you go camping and do what you want to do it’s just a party to say goodbye to your son who’s about to deploy that you’ll be missing. #wannathroatpunchthem

f parents want to control every aspect of the classroom, then Home school your child! We are the ones with the education degree.

Mom, I’m so sick of you trying to be the parent to my daughter, even when I’m around. You are not her mother, I am. So quit undermining me, I’m more than capable of being a good mother. You’ve passed the boundary. I will reach out if I need advice, but you doing that is just push me more away. You’re not always right, and neither am I, but at least I can admit that. Grow up.

and another thing quit taking long breaks and making everyone else pick up on your slack. You do absolutely nothing!!!

Stop telling me how to do my job! I'm not new anymore, and I can tell you're just trying to get me to do your job

Hey Prius drivers, get out of the fast lane, you already made your decision when you bought it. Chumps

If you spent as much time with your new boyfriend as you did with your 8 kids, maybe people wouldn't think you're a selfish POS.

I swear if another person that tells me I'm a "catch" and I'm such a good guy and that ill find someone one day, I'm GONNA F'IN PUNCH YOU IN THE FACE!!!

Mom, I m sick of you manipulating my younger brothers that still

Dear MIL I''m only 6 weeks along, so stop telling EVERYONE I''m pregnant. 1, it''s not your news to tell and you''re taking away the excitement for us and 2, it''s still early. If anything happens you get to be the one to go back and tell everyone. So knock it off!

Dear Sis in law, stop inviting your parents on my side of the family''s vacations. We already have a big family & the special treatment they get is annoying.

You say that you feel left out of the group, yet when we try to include you you stay away. Stop with the pity party.

to my husband. Stop being so ungrateful. I literally do everything for you and you still find ways to complain. I m not perfect

Dear sister no I will not move your crap while you are outta town how do you not realize how rude that is?

glad you can brag about going back to school. If I didn't have a full time job and full time single parent I'd love to go back to school.

we work in the industry that sanitation and cleanliness is important. Quit being lazy and do your part in cleaning....after all it is in your job description!!

you want your ex druggie baby momma back then go stop sneaking conversations about how you love her still, We know she wont let you go so you need to let her go and move on, you dont deserve her!

Road bikers. You don''t obey any of the traffic laws, you don''t stay in your stupid designated bike lane, you are holding up a shit ton of traffic,get off the GD road!!

stop saying "or no," proper English is "or not."

I''ve never been mean to you, so why do you take every possible chance to put me down when I''m just doing my job and trying to be involved in conversations like a normal person

people in layton the right turn only lane to get on south bound i15 on the stupid thru u turn on hill field, is just that right turn only DONT MERGE LEFT

I wish you were actually a good father, and not just what you pretend to be on FB and for your girlfriend! You are a drug addict and so is she..


Dad you don't be all high and mighty about making things your way or "trying to make peace". You are just being a jerk

I know you smoke hella lotta pot, but you don't need to comment on my breasts on Facebook. Stop being awkward AF!!!

SLC PD-- for the love of God please tow that freaking car with Florida plates that's blocking traffic downtown!!! Grrrrrrrrrr

I went through all the stops to make your birthday fun for you and all you did was criticize me for making us 2 minutes late to our dinner reservation, forgetting the food voucher for our movie date AFTER dinner, and not talking to me at all by the end of the night. Thanks for the appreciation.

Suing me in court for visits. You don''t show up, don''t try to visit once its granted, STILL haven''t paid child support but you''re a "great" dad to your new baby with the hoe you cheated on me with. Better off without ya

U R ruining your relationship w/ your kids by marrying the woman you cheated w/ your X w/ after U did the same to their mom! NO we won't be in the wedding!

stop using company money to spoil your jobless adult kids give your employees a raise 16yrs since the last one #kidsgetjob

stop complaining about your "difficult" life and stop mooching off Mom and Dad. You're a grown booty man...

listen, no one cares about your problems. You work part time and live with a filthy rich boyfriend, and yet you are so good at creating imaginary problems to complain about. We get it, you have daddy issues. But seriously shut up cuz NO ONE CARES.

dear co manager if you are gonna help me clean a department in our store don''t Go around telling everyone that I didn''t do anything in that department it''s the cleanest one in the store

U R ruining your relationship w/ your kids by marrying the woman you cheated w/ your X w/ after U did the same to their mom! NO we won't be in the wedding!

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