TEXT TOPIC: What is something you live with that is broken?

What is something you live with that is broken but needs to be fixed? 

My toilet seat has been broken for a year less then a 20.00 fix. I just warn company to be careful they don’t fall off the seat when they use it. Probably should get that fixed

faucet in our bathroom

the lights in my room. Tied the breaker, use lamps instead.

Someone hit and broke the side mirror of brand new VW Atlas! It holds all the tech stuff so It’s about 1,000 bucks to fix... so I have this wonderful new car with freaking duck tape holding on my mirror! #thatducktapelife #canIgetsomegorillaglueplease

the drivers side inside door handle in my car was broken for several years. It would freak people out when I would roll down my window to open my door from the outside lol

My last car didn’t have AC. I got used to it, wouldn’t even sweat after the first Summer. Went to London, ENG this summer (they don’t use AC) & I was totally fine! My sis was dying the whole time!

the odometer and speedometer on my car won’t work when the temperature is above 75 outside. I just go with the flow of traffic and pray for no tickets!

Our chirping smoke detector! We got used to it but others when they come over hound us to change the batteries.

my husband is deployed so there are a few things around that need fixed. I’m definitely no electrician so my kitchen light has been flickering so I just don’t use it anymore. My lights in the bathroom aren’t working right either. It’s a double switch but you have to make sure the other switch is down or the other one won’t work

its my truck i have a module out that doesn’t affect the drivability but it beeps and lights up my dash so it freaks people out who don’t drive with me very often

Water line on friend s fridge leaked. he just turned off the water so no ice, no water...

One of my boys broke the handle off the door of our car. Two years ago. We need to open the passenger door to pull the handle from the inside. I engaged the child lock last week without thinking about it so now we can’t use the door at all anymore.

Have 2 acres, mostly grass, haven’t gotten my mower’s drive fixed. Have had an extra heavy push mower for the past two years now. Neighbors think I’m an idiot. Mowers are expensive!...aren’t they? IDK, haven’t checked!

Before my car got totaled, my husband took the drivers sun visor off cause it was broken and wouldn’t stay up, but it was a $200fix, so I just dealt with it

check engine light on. Emissions related. Zero craps given

the heating element on my clothes dryer has been broken for over a year,, I’ve just been hanging my clothes up to dry,# bachelor problems lol

my trash can. The step thing doesn't work so you just have to open it by hand. It's been broke over a year.

the passenger side, back seat door of my car doesn't lock. It has to be manually locked/unlocked and it's been like 10 years

stairs are falling apart 1yr still haven't fixed no ac for 1yr in car

Couldn't fix my windshield. Been that way for 5 years. Sold the car to my bro. #solutions

electric door lock on my Lexus its just the driver's door and it bugs me everyday but I still haven't fixed it yet and the park is less than $20 on eBay

fell into my bathroom porcelain sink over a month ago. There's still a giant gaping hole in it lol

My compass is backwards on my Jeep, says north when going south and west when going east. So dumb. I've reset many times I just deal with it now.

Oven stopped working. I think it''s been 2 years now. Husband is a maintenance guy

the steering wheel on my old car fell off so I had to hold it on when I drove

shower takes a screwdriver to turn on and my garden tub is missing the cold knob so use pliers or burn your A

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