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people are DUMB

if you are rude, I go outta my way to take my sweet ass time.

I’m much more likely to help solve your problem if your nice. If you call me and are an A hole I’m likely not going to help even if I can. Be nice people. It’s not that hard.

when someone asked to speak to a supervisor, I would stand up and ask anyone around me if they'd like to be one

I would hit the mute button and either ignore the caller or cuss them out lol.

I was in the call center do it a local MLM (I know that doesn’t really narrow it down) but people always call with product questions. We get our answers from the same site you got our number from, take a glance around sometime!

there is always a way to say yes and fix your problem! If you get an a-hole who says no, call back.

Sometimes we just don't know what the problem is. Explain better, if you want better service.

we can actually do A LOT! (More than you think). It’s all about your attitude on how you treat us that makes me decide on how much I WANT to help. If you’re a complete D-bag, I will offer something and "forget to do it" just so you have to call back.. because we know how much you love to do that

Customer service never gets shown appreciation. You usually only call when you hate life with your first world product problems.

MLM call center one. I felt like an old person seeing a weird young kid, saying ''where is your mother'' because I always thought ''where is your upline because you are a mess ''

use to work costumer service, asking to talk to the manager is useless.... they are just going to tell you the same thing I told you.

This is more of a tip. I have worked cust Svc for a major airline for 25 years. If you swear at me you won’t get squat. Screaming and calling us names will not get your problem solved. Remember we are human.

I''m a supervisor in a call center, and when I have to take an escalation I asked my reps how mean where they or how nice they were before I take the call. And that determines how I want to help them. People if you try to escalate most likely you’re not gonna get what you want so be nice to my reps! Your words do hurt them!

I’ve been in Customer Care for over 22 years. Jobs I’ve had in those years actually took ownership of 95% of the calls, which means you help the customer even if they called the wrong department

Canadians are MEAN I deal with people over email but they are MEAN. Also agree with people are stupid!

I am frequently told that they want to speak to a man, because apparently they know more than me about my job?

government agency CSU''s have to follow policies, yes, they work for you, but they are human and unless you want to explain to your neighbor why theirtaxes went up, adult once in a while.

I work at home and one time I thought I put my customer on hold and went to yell at my kids because they are being so loud. When I came back to my customer they said "you really need to be on "The Nanny.!" I had forgotten to put them on hold

we understand that you are having issues and we want nothing more than to help you but when people are d-bags all you want to do is give it right back....we are human too we hate life just as much as you do please dont make us hate our jobs too. Customer service reps are the gods of passive aggressive- if youre rude or ignorant to us just doing our jobs, then we will still help but we will no longer care about how nice we are about it anymore

letting me know your church calling doesn't get you a discount, thanks though

You can''t pay me enough to be called the C word. I hate that we can''t hang up on them

The cheaper the product the worse people are. Worked cus Svc in retail and people are brutal. Give them a deal and they want it for basically free. Multiple coupons and can''t read signs.

gosh! Customer service in the food industry is a flipping joke. What people don't realize is how much we have going on on the other end

I feel like I''m the only one but every call I took treated it as if it was a family member on the line and did everything I could to help them. I may have muted the phone to freak a few times lol but I still always helped them

Worked at a call cntr. Lady called pissed and yelling. I asked her to hold and hit the end button. Nope!

for the people who struggle to get answers from customer service, tweet the company you will get a lot more done a lot quicker

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