TEXT TOPIC: When you moved out, what did your parents get rid of?

had an old Walkman cassette player identical to the one Starlord owns in Guardians of the Galaxy. They threw it away when I moved out. Selling eBay for $800 now. Dammit.

My dad had awesome baseball cards. Sounds like a lot of the greats. He went on a mission and came home to them all being gone.

was in college and my family had a yard sale while I was gone. I had an electric guitar that just needed a couple new strings and an amp that just needed a minor fixed. She decided that since I wasn’t using them that she would sell them. The crazy thing is she only sold them for five dollars total.

when I was younger, my favorite book was Corduroy. My mom bought me a stuff bear similar to Corduroy. I had my mom make overalls for him. As I get older, she didn’t feel like I needed him and she gave him away. I regret that I couldn’t protect my bear and I miss him. Even though I’m 26 years old.

my parents sold my brothers Xbox when he left on his mission.

Parents tossed my 1980's She-Ra trash can Found one on ebay for $250

my Pogs and slammers.. I had thousands now I have a couple hundred

Between my sister and I we had a great collection of Garbage Pail Kids Trading Cards. Well they mysteriously disappeared when we moved. Along with most of our toys which wasn’t very many. We were raised by grandparents who are on a fixed income. Grandma passed away, we end up moving in with my aunt. And they threw out most of everything in the house. Makes me so sad about that.

my dad thinking my bed was spare wood, turned my bed into a planter for the garden

My parents sold my two little dogs when I was on my mission. I didn't notice either of them in any pictures they were sending me.

My brother and I had ALL of the Archie comic books. They were our favorites growing up. Now because of Riverdale they would be worth a lot of mullah.

dang it Mom!

Mom emigrated from Canada in ''64. Planned 2 go back & get more of her stuff when she got settled Grandma threw away all her Elvis memorabilia, including an autographed pic!

my mom sold my American girl doll and all her clothes so that my sister could go on a school trip. I was so mad!

Pokmon cards collection that are worth 10k at least now

left on my mission and within a month they sold my nice truck. Came home without a car... that was fun.

moved 2 blocks away but couldn't take my puppy. My mom gave her away and I found out from someone else that it happened

when my husband left on a mission his parents sold his small truck, didn't tell him and kept the money

while in Iraq my mom sold my 68 fastback mustang thinking I needed the money

large collection of beanie babies. Not for sentimental reasons, but bc of how much $ those suckers would a been worth!

my dad moved when I was in college and threw away all of my original Nintendo games. but he kept the Nintendo!

wish my parents didn’t get rid of my Castle Gray skull toy from He-man. "I’ve got the power!" Makes me nostalgic thinking about the hours spent playing with those action figures.

My step mom gave away my sega genesis, the original one. FOR FREE!

shoebox of autographed memorabilia. Shaun white, Jake burton, Lindsay vonn. parents tossed day after I moved 2 college.

my husband served a mission and his parents got rid of his old video games. We've spent a bit of money buying the same games for his nostalgia

dad & bros grew up w/guys in Lynyrd Skynyrd. Uncle,bffs w/them had one of Gary Rossington's guitars. His mom gave it to neighbor kid! Ahh!

Sis and I are mini hippies. Made staffs out of tree from grandparents our back yard. Grandma laughed her butt off watching us cut down in middle of night with a hand saw. Great memories. Dad through out because those "sticks" took up to much room in garage.

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