TEXT TOPIC: Who invited themselves to something?

after dropping the kids off for their 1st day off school hubby & I went to b-fast and my mom showed up uninvited and sat with us. The only time we have 2 ourselves & she was there!

old neighbor used to ask what I am making for dinner n say ok I'll bring the potatoes! Dinner for 4 turned to 9! The potatoes weren't even good!

My MIL tries inviting herself on our anniversary trip out of state. Husband told her no and she said I'll pay for my own room. #NO

I won tickets to the iHeartRadio festival and I've had two people invite themselves. One went as far as saying we need to book the room now haha

bf(ex) showed up 2 cousins wedding. wasnt allowed a +1, showed up anyways. was small wedding w/a nice dinner. Psa: not all weddings r open house

uninvited- first vaca w/ the bf went to Vegas. His MOM decided to come with - she NEVER left his side... he''s in his 30s I''m late 20s - don''t need a babysitter

my fiance's aunt's ex husband's wife invited herself to our wedding. Awkward

My sister, who I hate, invited herself to my birthday dinner that was just 3-4 close friends. As always, she RUINED everything. Stupid Ho.

My Aunt always invites herself to events with my mom and her friends. If my mom suggests that she wasn't invited, she will throw a big fit.

My counselor said to invite myself to things. I have a hard time making friends and she said that was one way that she got out of her shell and if people

Booked myself and my husband at cruise for a 10 year anniversary was so excited and then found out my mom but her and my dad on the cruise and my aunt and uncle as well when it was just supposed to be us

A guy invited himself to my family's lake powell houseboat for a week. He must've gotten the details from somebody else who was invited

my roommate was getting married and asked me to be a bridesmaid the other roommate was offended so she showed up to the wedding in the same dress as the bridesmaids

my husband's sister invited herself on our vacation...

my mom! She called me and told her I was having a poker night with some friends... she showed up.. so awkward!! At least she brought food.

My brother was in town from out of state for a holiday. We were having a party at our house and our uncle found out about it and randomly showed up with all of his kids. He ended up inviting are other Aunt with all of her kids as well.

my hubby is kind of socially awkward and does this all the time. It's been a decade long Work in progress to make him aware

I was sort of aquatinted with this girl that was just super crazy and made everyone uncomfortable. When deciding who to invite to my wedding I left her off the guest list since I didn’t know her well and she was weird. A week before the wedding I get a message from her saying "I’m invited to your wedding right? I haven’t got my invitation yet!" I told her it must have gotten lost in the mail and she showed up ugh

when I had my first daughter and my step-aunt invited herself into the labor and delivery room she was there for the whole thing

had a friend throw a fit about whom we invited to our wedding. She was mad that her mom isn''t get an invite to the dinner portion to our wedding. So she demanded i invite her.

had this happen when trying to plan my wedding. We only did family to keep it small and a few close friends. One of my husbands not super close friends was like where is my invitation? We did not have room for him but my husband felt obligated to invite him so I made room for him paid extra for him and his wife and he ended up not showing up because we told them he couldn''t bring his kid ugh!

bought RSL season tix for myself, when I told my roommate; his response: sweet, WE bought season tix!... uh, what?

My ex overheard me planning a girls trip on a cruise and he invited himself and bought a ticket

planned a couple's game night and a single friend overheard and got all excited about it. We just didn't call her about it when the time came!

my sister and i wanted to go to the hall of breakfast but when my mom found out she said, I would love to come! But didn''t realize that it was as just supposed to be my sister and I. She does that all the time

My sister-in-law invited herself to the delivery of my child. She just showed up at the hospital. Maybe it was the hormones that may be brave, but Idid not let her in the delivery room

my wife's mom. She will invite us to other people's events. It's always awkward cause she says they said invite us but you can tell they didn't know

my husbands ex Invited herself to our wedding. we moved the location and the date so she wouldn't show up

sister in law invited herself to a "slumber party" and showed up with her sleeping gear. Still gets crap for it

every time I do a photo shoot, a friend always assumes she's invited to come too. Ummm nope

we don t tell hubbys parents our plans EVER. vacations, everything my mother in law says sounds fun, I ll come. Umm don t remember inviting u

SisIL invites herself + kids to everything we do so we can babysit and she can do what she wants

we don t tell hubbys parents our plans EVER. vacations, everything my mother in law says sounds fun, I ll come. Umm don t remember inviting u

I''m pregnant and my grandma keeps trying to invite herself into to be in the room when I give birth. She keeps going to my mom giving the guilt trip and now I’m getting pressure from my mom. I already told her I don’t want her in there because I don’t want a lot of people in there I hardly want my mom in there. And so she told my mom I told her she and my mom aren’t invited into the room, not what I said ha

in college I had a roommate legit just walk out the door with me when a date picked me up and climb in the car with us. Neither of us knew what to do, so it was a super weird threesome date for the whole night.

my ex husband invited himself on a Mexico vacation trip for our honeymoon with a group of his ex wife''s friends, ironically I''m ex-wife number two now haha

one of my friends invited herself into my bridal party. Sorry sally. I have only known you for 3 years and hung out with you once outside work.

When I got married in Vegas 16 years ago we had an uninvited guest. He worked with of my husband. He happened to be in Vegas that weekend and was gambling with my husband’s cousin and he found out we were getting married. He showed up drunk with his girlfriend and was cheering and yelling like an idiot, at the back of the room!

My s.i.l gets invited to things and always feels she needs to bring others, friends funerals.. oh yeah we are going to a funeral how about you join us

sent out invites for my daughters Quinceaera to most family except one of my moms sisters, cant stand her so she was NOT invited, received an RSVP from her via text for 3.

My sister is divorced and relies a lot on our parents. I invited my mom over for mothers day dinner. Sis tagged along. Invited dad for father’s day dinner. Sis came too. Grandparents day at school... you guessed it. Sis was there with them. She invites herself to everything.

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