TEXT TOPIC: What is the real life dysfunction in your family?

My g-pa cheated on my g-ma w/her bff in a small town so every1 knew and sided w/g-pa. G-ma left w/10 kids&yrs l8r g-pa sued all his kids for a property they owned together that he wanted

my cousin secretly sold her dads mechanic shop for a million dollars without telling anyone. Next thing you know new owners are moving in

My mom chose my ex-husband over me in the divorce. Evicted me from the house and started messaging him about how much she loves him. Obviously, we don’t speak anymore.

my nephew is 26 years old he just got married and he is the only one in the entire family that doesn't know his father is not his biological father.

my brother and his wife love with my mom. She steals from my family all the time but they have kids so my mom won't kick them out

my mother and mother-in-law discovered within 5 years of each other that they are both bastards.

Divorced parents. Mom never calls never invites us over never asked us if we want to do anything and then blames us for not having a relationship with her. She''s constantly telling other people that we don''t want to see her and that we don''t care about her but she never makes the effort. We are always trying to reach out to her throughout the week. We never get credit.

Stepmoms family always complains about not coming around to parties and get togethers for the past 20 years She passed in February my siblings and I haven''t been invited to anything since 20 years of dysfunction

My partners ex married their siblings ex...

My sister in law was sexually abused by her father as a child and everyone in the family knows. Her mother stayed with him and he comes around to family get together. Laughing, hugging... Vomit!

My dad cheated on his wife with her sister. The sister ended up getting pregnant and kept the baby. Dad and his wife are still together so my little sister is technically also my cousin.= Thanks dad

My SIL is dating/living w her ex husbands sister. Her kids call her aunt-mom.

My stepdad husband cheating on my mom since the 1st year of their Marriage. I know, but my stepdad paid me off not to tell my mom...

my husbands half brother molested his sister so his stepdad (father of half bro) disowned him and his real dad took him in so now he doesn’t talk to his real dad

My Mom abandoned us 4 kids (2 are autistic) gave just me up for adoption, and remarried a known drug dealer. Last year she was arrested for trying to run him over. So grateful my birth dad tracked me down and took me in.

my family dysfunction. My uncle in law and my sister in law cheated on my brother and my aunt with each other my brother has kids my aunt has kids and now my ex sister-in-law and ex uncle in law have kids so when the kids are on our side of the family they are cousins when they are with their mom and their dad they are brother-in-law

sis was molested by bf, mom didn t believe her. When truth was starting to come out. Tried to get sis to marry bf to cover up.

My fiance and I live in his mother’s house. She recently gave us 2 months to move out. Now that we found a place early she is freaking out and blaming me for all of her sons so called misbehavior even know it’s just him cutting the umbilical cord

Step dad turns out to be a huge PERV and to top it off he came on to one of his own adult stepdaughters! Mom is staying with him and the whole family is now divided

my dads stopped seeing me after my parents divorce because I look just like my mom

dad cheated on mom 3 times. Got divorced. Dads twin sis disowned us kids. When my dad died, his own kids weren't allowed to participate in his funeral.

My dads ex wife married my grandpa , his dad ... So his ex wife

My stepdad touched my older sister for 10 years of her life and my mom chose my stepdad over my sister and said that she was lying. Now that he doesn''t do it anymore, my sister is left traumatized And has made several attempts on her life and reason

G-ma was dying and she had everyone come in her room and said that she had an affair with her husbands brother, and one of her kids is his. She died and no one knows who doesn’t belong. Crazy!!

Mom passed away from cancer. The day of the viewing I walked upstairs and noticed another woman in my mom''s kitchen. I asked who are you and she replied I am here for your dad supports he asked me to come down from Idaho to be with him. What BS! This lady was his lover and because she stood in the line next to him at the Reviewing my siblings and I one by one left the line because we couldn''t stand knowing that our dad had been cheating on our mom. We have all since disassociated ourselves from him and I will refuse to go to his funeral or ever talk to him again

my tweeker Cousin and his gross GF stole my Grams Buick, crashed it through backyard off a deck, then ran! Police search and all. She didn't file charges!!

my aunt has always been.. different. Once my uncle passed away she drank A LOT and was yelling at my mom, my mom slapped her and the next day she left. A few days later she called my mom accusing her that she took her baby (me) my aunt has never had children she''s just crazy.

friends Dad, left wife for a man, hired hit man to kill xwife to get out of child support, jail for 6yr, got out- tried robbing a bank, went back to jail again, apologized to xwife and now they’re engaged.

grandma in late stages of dementia. In a nursing home, can’t do anything alone, not even talk. My Narcissistic uncle yells at her that she’s faking it for attention. Then flips around and tells the entire family she’s sick because we are evil and need to repent. And he’s spent most of her $$

went to visit my bio dad at his new house. He was on the phone with his new wife and she screamed at me saying I wasn’t allowed there and if I wanted to see him, I would have to make an appointment in a public place

My aunt and uncle got married and her daughter and his son got married so technically they are step brother and sister

My aunt got pregnant at 16. Family didn't want baby to be adopted but didn't want to keep it. So her sisters in law adopted her to keep her in the family

My dad is best friends with my ex-husband so much so they spend every holiday together with the woman that my ex had an affair with so that special

Father in law has Alzheimer's, my MIL has numerous times said I'm done with him, you're going to uni!

Sister and I Both having a hard time, getting pregnant. I have to use fertility pills. Sister continues party lifestyle and is always complaining about and saying I had such an easy time and I don’t understand. Little does she know. I feel like I actually wanted them more. Family sides with her

my aunt slept with her neighbor got pregnant, that guy ended up being the dad to my cousins best friend. Same aunt also got pregnant by my uncle (her husband''s bother).

My aunt had welcomed a pregnant woman into her home to stay for an extended time. It was until years later that she learned that this lady was pregnant with my uncle’s baby.

my dad slept with his daughter in law (my step brothers wife) after my step mom committed suicide

my sister and husband left the LDS church which is fine, whatever. But now they’ll hardly do anything with our family and they also brought, who we assume, their swinger couples to our family reunion

the fighting between my mother-in-law and her mother is out of control. The daughter wishes the mother would die, spreads rumors and tells everyone to shut her out of our lives and if we speak to Grandma we will get the wrath!

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