TEXT TOPIC: Who is the cheapskate in the family?

"who is..." My mom the dumpster diver. Every birthday gift came from the D.I. Growing up. I had to fix every toy before I could play with it. I CAN fix anything now though, but still.

my husband! He once brought his own slice of cheese to Burger King! He didn't want to pay the extra amount to add a slice of cheese to his Whopper.

my uncle is the cheapskate. He’s LOADED however and my landlord. When the 20 year old microwave broke, he wanted me to look at having it repaired before replacing it. The repair man told me it would be cheaper to buy a new one but it was an ordeal.

it’s my younger brother! I will try to coordinate bday gifts with him, because other wise, he won’t buy anyone gifts. When I try to collect his portion, he complains about the cost. At most it’s $30

my brother in law. He thinks his kids go through shoes too fast so he won’t buy them often enough. So the kids toes are cramped. His dad was the same way, so I guess the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. But come on man, you have a snaggle toe and now so do your kids. You’re a professor for Pete’s sake, spend the money dude

My dad will use coupons at restaurants and then complain about service so he can either get a free meal or a bigger discount

My Dad. Hey makes over 120K a year and wouldn''t buy us food or clothes. My Mom would have to. He also told us we could never go on any trips or spend any money when we were younger because he said he was saving for our college. Then, when we were graduating, and looking into College. He decided not to help us with paying for college even partial. He wouldn’t even help with the cost of books. My Grandpa (Mom''s Dad) was the one that gave us enough for one semester and our Mom helped us with books. My Dad is SO cheap!

my wife.. her dad asks her if she’s from the depression era (she’s not) because she used to give everyone 1/4 of a paper towel instead of a napkin. She also gets plastic utensils wherever she can find them (without buying them).

my grandparents are cheap. Each year some grandkids randomly get a gift they find around their house

my brother!!! He''ll ask for me to buy him a drink so he don''t have to break a dollar!

Father-in-law. He's super loaded! Invited us over for my birthday dinner...made frozen lasagna

my grandpa is the cheapskate. He dates his clothing when he gets it to make sure it is getting its full use before throwing it out

My SIL. She buys the large popcorn with the refill. Makes each of her eight kids take it back for the refill. If they don't they don't get popcorn.

my father-in-law was big-time cheap... On thirsty Thursday at the gas station when drinks were only $0.32, he insisted that my husband and siblings did not get ice to get the most drink possible!

my adult son. Single, 2 incomes and venmo requests me for every nickel and dime he spends for family bbq

my bro in law is cheap-he moved in to his new apartment with his wife, wanted to host a party and asked if the family could bring household items to party to stock new place, soap, paper towels, tp etc

She also saves popcorn bag and uses it each time she goes to the movie. The movie theatre hasn't caught on yet.

my husband’s winter coat was starting to wear down. He told his mom he needed to invest in a new coat. And she said he should call snowbird and tell them he lost his coat and give a description of a coat he would like so he could get a free one. Ummm no?

My mother in law she reuses foil/cling wrap/utensils from fast food places

EX-husband would hand me a card from the store to read, then put it back for every occasion.

My parents have money but will drive miles out of their way to save two cents on a gallon of gasoline

Later in life my mom started saving/conserving toilet paper. Her saying was if it's P, let it be. If it's brown, flush it down.

My BIL will go into a restaurant and ask if they will make the food cheaper if he gets it without tomato, lettuce, cheese etc ># they look at him like he’s so dumb

my sister in law is cheap. But she has a timeshare and almost has a home paid off

texted yesterday about not knowing my dad was a millionaire. Talk about cheap skate. I thought we were broke growing up. Turns out he was just growing his estate. 30+ year old work pants.

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