TEXT TOPIC: What weird thing is in your purse?

purse and almost puked. It's just a retainer, people!!!

keep earplugs (the kind for sleeping, not earbuds) in my purse

tweezers. You never know when that mole hair is going o make its grand appearance. You have to be ready at all times

paper figurine of a train. It came from my son who just got back from London. It's a Eurostar.

have some bubbles and a pamphlet for how to use nasal spray

1 slipper. I accidentally only took only one out... still packing the other one around for a month now.

Went to a jazz game a few years back. I’m an event florist and used to always have my tools all over the place, including in my purse. Guy searched my purse which I forgot to clean out, finds scissors, shears, multiple floral knives, etc. I think a stapler, too. I have no idea. Lol. He gives me the weirdest look and I say, "I’m a florist, not a crazy person, I promise" and he let’s me in with all of it! What?!

have two package ponchos from when I visited New York 4 years ago. You never know when you'll need one!

found a pacifier...my "baby" is 11 years. Not sure how it got there?

a key that winds my grandfather clock

cbd oil i rub on my stomach to get rid of my stomach aches and head aches.

full bag of cereal in my purse

pickles and Diet Coke!!! Have you ever had a pickle with Diet Coke?! Life Changing

heating pad and 2 decks of Spanish playing cards

superglue in my purse. You'd be surprised how many ppl ask for it

bag of confetti. You never know when you need to celebrate

pair of latex gloves in my purse. For just in case

expandable spork & wine cork opener

pumping bra and breast milk storage bags and chocolate

My friend is always carrying the biggest bags... one time she pulled out a lard dog bone that she forgot she had in there for her pup... it was super odd

have an emergency blanket and flint & steel in my purse

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