TEXT TOPIC: What is your WOW story?

I was almost murdered by my mafia boyfriend of 4 years. Beaten, placed in the trunk, and was going to be buried in the desert when "God told him to stop" and that’s the only reason I am alive today.

my story is I delivered one of my kids in the car on the way to the hospital. I don't recommend it

My most recent boyfriend disappeared 2 Days before we were supposed to move into an apartment. Turns out he was a massive liar and had a warrant out for his arrest. He stole money and Prescription medication from me

I was at bear world in Idaho I was driving through the area with my Toyota Camry and a grizzly bear bit the back of my bumper and proceeded to jump up-and-down on the car. Car was coming off the ground. Scary! Bumper had teeth marks all the way thru!

I was playing with my moms makeup and had mistaken mascara for superglue and put it on my eyelid and glued my eyes open!

fell 12 ft from a rope swing, landed on my back in hard ground and ruptured my spleen. Had emergency surgery. From impact to surgery i lost 4 units of blood to internal bleeding.

was shot by my ex husband. Bullet went thru arm knocked liver went through stomach small n large intestines

When I was 8 I was hit by a car while riding my bike. When up on the hood smashed the windshield with my head and back. My bike flew over the car and landed a few feet behind it. The driver slammed on his breaks and I flew onto the road. No broken bones or stitches. #huggedbyangels

Getting my daughters hair done in Eagle MTN in a basement salon Steve Spielberg came because she did his daughters hair too

years ago today I was stabbed 4 times in my driveway stopping three people from breaking into my moms car had my friend not been there I would've died

my husband got smashed by a 70 foot aspen tree while he was cutting it down four years ago nobody can believe it. He is now fine but struggles with pain

my dad was on a bow hunt with my cousins they split up found a deer, cousins drew and missed it came after my dad and charged him he drew missed twice and decided him or me. Caught It by the horns and threw it to the ground and slit its throat.

my crazy story is that last fall my boyfriend passed away unexpectedly (and not intentionally) from an overdose. Shockingly he had bought life insurance a MONTH before he died. On top of that, a few months ago his parents found a scrap paper stating that he wanted $10,000 to go to me to pay for college in case he died. Crazy!

Hubby went hunting & slept on the ground. Woke up to a badger nearby. It came over, crawled on him, he was face to face with it. Survived the experience somehow.

Living in St George and the kids started screaming in the van because of a cockroach on the ceiling above my head. I stepped out to get the roach out, didn’t realize the van was in reverse. The van started leaving the garage, the driver door pushing me out with it. When the driver door hit the garage and bent backwards it knocked me to the driveway, the van ran over my arm and my kids rolled across the street in the van and hit a power box. No broken arm, but some very severe shock symptoms

10 years ago, I fell off a cliff and nearly died. Had a fractured school, several bleed on the brain, and a broken. Still around to tell the story today

When I was a kid, we had a man break into our house and come into the room that me, my mom and siblings were sleeping in. He kept taking my sister out of the bed and putting her on the floor and spraying my mom with ether in the face! Freaking scary!

18 driving around midnite2Idaho.Went2 grab drink. Went off road, over corrected & rolled car. Ejected out of window. Only saw2cars after.1stopped.31 now

when I was 13 my former step dad was high and tried to kill me and my mom we heard him try to sneak into the house we’re terrified. Somehow managed to quietly calls the police and my brother. Brother beat the police. Once he heard the police sirens he tried to run but they caught him. Machetes and a ton of other different knives that he was intending to use us

Cut off by a semi that didn’t see me. Lost control and went into ditch backwards landing on drivers side. Other truckers stopped, righted car and towed it out. Not a dent! Just a flat. They changed the tire, and I drove away. Just a little stiff the next day!

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