TEXT TOPIC: What is your passive aggressive text?

So I wonder how your 4 children feel that you are taking and posting selfies with MY son like he's yours, and nothing with your own kids.. Who you abandoned!

you need help, you’re gonna lose your house, you''re a psycho, you’re a narcissistic manipulative miserable woman. You’re in your 40s and you’re gonna die miserable and alone. Do I feel bad? NOT ONE BIT. :)

Is your mom's fault you got into trouble with your gf? Is it her fault you dropped out of school? Get it together you have a wedding to pay for.

You asked for the amendment to the divorce agreement, to approve the changes already. It takes 5 min. So lazy!

don't know how we can talk to each other for 2-4 hours, once-twice a week for 2 months and then get ghosted. Well, f you too!

people, please stop telling people when they need to have kids. Maybe they're trying or maybe they can't. It makes people feel uncomfortable and sad!

Best friends mean you care and make someone a priority in life... I'm done arranging my plans/workaround you're schedule you I'll see you when I see you

thanks for manspreading and taking both armrests on the plane random dude, it was so fun to have your arm in my rib for 3 straight hours

Stop giving me parenting advice. Not your kid, not your business! We know best, not you. Don't post it on my Facebook posts!!

"no" and "know" are not the same!! You should of learned that in the 3rd grade! That's why I can't be facebook friends.

stop using the company checks as your personal spending to spoil your adult kids&give your employees (bro&sis)the raise they deservebeen13yrs#kidsgetajob

dear Porsche driver thanks for being a douche, remember a big truck needs both lanes to make a tight right turn

Just because you are the boss doesn't mean you can be a bitch to everyone

Quit hiring old/slow people to work on the teller line. I transferred to a different dept over 2 yrs ago & you''re still calling me on a daily basis to help teller. Let me do my job!

I'm on crutches and I'm sick of lazy obese people taking the motor carts at the grocery store. Being fat isn't a damn handicap!!

the HOV lane is not a passing lane! I do not have to move over so you can go by. Riding my ass will not make me go faster or move! Use the fast lane!!

stop treating me like I broke up with you, you broke up with me remember? So stop trying to make ME feel guilty for being short with you.

you may have the bosses fooled, but not the rest of us. You average two days a week and don't do crap and you get an office?!?!?

hey yes, we are still married. And happy. Not everyone gets a divorce. Just because yours failed .after 6 months Mine has not and will not. Grow up. #18 years my friends.

Grow up and start helping pay for daycare/medical and day to day expenses of a child. You just want to take pictures for Facebook and nothing else.

stop making a huge deal when your computer at work breaks down. ALL the computers here are garbage. Your computer isn't special.

my passive aggressive this week is, last week I didn’t hear my passive aggressive rant

I can’t handle your loud southern mouth at work, turn off your damn heater, stop yelling over the cubicles, take your damn calls off of speakerphone we all have called to make and stop slamming things around. Move back to the 4th floor!

You work part-time as a secretary, your level of stress is not more than mine as a full-time acute care nurse! STOP SAYING IT

Grandma, my dad is your only child, & you still won't visit him or call him on his birthday because you are too busy caring more for your lazy ass nephew who doesn't get a job to raise his 3 kids.

Quit going through and picking out all the easy work for you and leaving the = crappy work for me and everybody else

you chose to be vegan stop making work dinners all about where you can eat the rest of us are not vegan you have to accommodate for us not the other way

u "work" from home, yet when anyone calls u for work-related items, they get your voicemail. Must be nice getting a check to take care of your kids &u wonder why they won't give you more hours

to the filthy animal who had my daughters dorm room before her, you are nasty how is it possible to leave a 12" wide scum ring around the bed and the vacuum that we emptied 7 times and the floors still aren’t clean. Yuck you nasty

If you're going to judge me about MY PAST. Don't you think you should talk to ME about it? I know that takes courage, are you a coward?

Dear ex. I''m barely making ends meet and you think I''m a gold digger by asking for your half of daycare. I wouldn't have married you if I were a gold digger.

shout out to the U frat houses for not recycling. The homeless people that go through your trash appreciate all the beer cans. Stay thirsty my friends!!! (I have photos)

Stop inviting people to your place where you yourself are a guest who pays no bills! Wtf!

bf you are amazing and I love you. But watching you ALLOW your 11-year-old disrespect you and you still baby/spoil him... Makes me bananas. ARGH!

to the people who tip the pizza man but not your movers

If you're gonna ask for rides every day, don't tell me that I wake up late because I don't work around your schedule!!

stop trying to act like your the most important person in the office. You act like you are gods gift and your not. Do your job and stop taking on the rest of ours. I didn't ask you to help but your stepping on toes now.

All women who take their 8-11 yr old sons into the ladies room-STOP! They pee all over the seats, and it's weird! I have 2 boys-they can go to the men's room!

your 26 and still mooch off a mom who is to nice to say no. You wonder why no one wants to be around you

Girl, you are literally the laziest person I have ever come in contact with. Either get up off your phone and butt and work or just leave, the door is open and everyone is waiting to close it behind you

Maybe the reason why you''re being ignored is that you're a needy, whiny crybaby who is always looking for handouts and asking single moms for money. Get your crap together!

you want your kids back so bad and your willing to do anything for them but you couldn't even make it to your 1 visitation that lasts an hour 1 time a week

I love getting parenting advice from someone who lost custody of their own kids!

woman cuts me off while I''m in the roundabout and mouths the word "merge" to me. I wanted to slap some sense into her. It's yield!! As in yield tome in the roundabout, her stupidity caused the roundabout to stop and a huge cluster #&$!@

hi mom. Stop pretending ur getting a divorce & that your life is so hard. You did this to urself. Deal with it & stop ruining my siblings' lifelike ruined mine.

For the love, please stop comparing my moms' death to your son losing his leg. It's not even close.

why'd you publicly shame me on social, lying saying we broke up because I cheated? We broke up because you beat me up.

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