TEXT TOPIC: What is your dirty, little secret?

I'm probably getting back with my ex, we will probably get married. I'm not telling anyone because literally everyone in my family hates him

My dirty little secret is I have never had the big "o" moment with my husband. We have been together over 7 years.

I'm almost 46 and I still play with my blanket like a baby while I fall asleep

Even tho his wife found out and we ended it, WE'RE STILL DOING IT

dirty little secret I am a married man completely straight but enjoy wearing panties, wife has no idea

when I'm mad at my husband about his video games I'll turn the microwave on because it trips the breaker and turn the Internet off

in regarding to my ex lying and shaming me on social, my dirty secret is I'd rather people think I cheated than people to look at me as a victim and pity me

my dirty little secret I have a boyfriend and I'm involved with a coworker who is married

most people think I'm a good LDS girl but I've been doing it for years. Sorry bishops don't need to know. It's my business

I'm married but I've been having an affair for the last 2 years ... so hard because I constantly think of him ... he wants me to leave & be with him

recently slept with the best man for our wedding but I'm happily married so I can't apologize. Keep my mouth shut?

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