TEXT TOPIC: How did you get your stupid injury?

dislocated my knee bathing my toddler!

ridding rolling chair behind a car at 35 mph tires exploded giving me road rash over my arms. 10 mins before my engagement party. Wife was pissed

My wife and kids decided to race (run) me on our street. They’ve never seen my real speed. I killed them but 1/2 way up my circle I tore my hamstring.

While walking my daughters dog the dog went left I went right-leaped over dog and fell off the curb I broke my left knee right ankle sprained right rest and gouged left elbow.

Broke my foot slamming the car door in it forgot to pull it in

dropped the full conditioner bottle on my foot in the shower, fractured the top of my foot.

Got off of the phone, hit my quota two days before the end of the month, on my way out, jumped over a little half-wall in the hallway, landed wrong. I broke my arm and drove to my dr instead of going home

Slipped and fell in the shower Saturday while shaving my legs. Tore my rotator cuff now I need surgery

broke my foot by stubbing my pinky toe...I broke the same foot a year before while going down a water slide

Wife and I went to Park City to celebrate our 16th wedding anniversary. On day 4 we went fly fishing and I slipped on a mossy rock. Broke right leg in 3 places and shattered inner ankle in 8 pieces.

my sister and dog were running away from a skunk. My sister fell landed on her butt and bruised it with her phone. Luckily the phone didn't break

fell on some ice after dropping my son off at the sitter, jacked up my knee, went to see an orthopedic doctor and he stated we usually see this type of injury in football players how did you do it, I quickly said I played on an all female rugby team, he looked intrigued and said really!!! I then said nope not really I was just trying to walk on ice.

punched a wall out of anger, I broke all my knuckles and my hand

almost lost my thumb a day after i got my toten chip from boy scouts... I was an inch from the tendon

my daughter broke her pinky finger PICKING UP her VIOLIN. She had do have surgery to fix it. Only my child is this talented. Haha

sit on my bathroom counter top to apply my makeup. I went to scoot back and BAMMM fell on the floor and cut my head open on the corner of wall

50 y old husband decided to take his very first time EVER ride on a dirt bike 3 hour mountain trail with our 19 year old this weekend. On their way back down full throttle over boulders turns the bike on top of himself. He feels old. "Where’s the brakes!!" Ibuprofen all around.

had a sofa bed and I was pushing it back in and the hinge cut off the end of my left little finger

walked off a coffee table and broke my ankle

frustrated with my son being Irish Italian I threw my hands up and slit my eyelid with my fingernail I need anger management

partially tore my ACL because I slipped and fell on ice while picking a wedgie

Racing the shopping cart with my 2 year old at the time. Twisted around the corner and tore my cartilage in my knee. Surgery

pregnant squatted to give my 5 yr old a bath and dislocated my tailbone, so painful.

Toddler scared me in the middle of the night and I tweaked my back. I was 7 months pregnant.

best friend sneezed and threw his back out. Was stuck on the floor face down until his wife got home and took him to the hospital

knelt on the TV cord and the Tv came down on my head and gave me a concussion

radio fell off Shelf while cleaning. Half moon scar. 10 stitches.. it now has a bump too. Grr

sitting in my chair at work, I turned to the right real quick and cracked my left rib

was sleeping and having a dream I was being robbed and kicking the guy. I really kicked and hit the footboard.. broken foot.

my mom dropped a full glass jar of peanut butter from the top shelf of the fridge. Hit her big toe and split the thing wide open. Gross!!

Kicked a acorn rolled and fell to cement, broke arm them got shingles. SOB

stubbed and broke my toe while visiting the Victoria Falls in flip-flops, I think the other tourists really enjoyed listening to me scream as I got it popped back into place

broke my arm walking the dog. He wanted to jump up to say hello to some people on the sidewalk, I pulled him back. His leg went between my legs likea broomstick, tripped, put my arm out to catch myself. Broke my radial head. The people asked if I was okay, I said yes. Went home and went to instacare..

got a bogus speeding ticket in my semi got to my next stop super mad I threw my winch bar at the ground it came back hit my my shin shoe filled w/ blood

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