TEXT TOPIC: Did you meet someone and didn't know they were wealthy?

Did you meet someone and didn't know they were wealthy until later on?

my mom met my dad, and didn't find out how rich he was for months. She loved him for who he is!

my husband didn’t know my dad was a multi millionaire until we were married for a few years. Truth is... I don’t even know about my dads wealth until recently!

Met a gorgeous girl freshman year of college. Went on a couple dates with her & when I got to meet her parents, found out she lived in a mansion and even knew Larry H. Miller. Really wish I married her

went 2 my best guy friends grad party. That's where I saw HIS UNCLE Bill Gates! Had no idea! I'm still in shock I was that close to him

met my wife 6 years ago, the first time I went to her house (still living with her parents) it was giant. Ended up finding out she comes from a very wealthy family

1 of my best friends from soccer played on my team for years b4 finding out her family was worth close to a Billion Dollars!!!

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